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Donate your used furs to Buffalo Exchange

If you have a fur buried deep in the depths of your closet and you are just not sure what to do with it, donate it! Bring them on down to the Buffalo Exchange.

Coats for Cubs

At this point, being an eco-conscious and green SF'er we will assume that fur came from a long-lost aunt that graciously left you a treasure chest of goodies at her passing. Keep the broaches, scarves and one-of-a-kind jewelry, let go of the fur and help out a few animals in the process. Buffalo Exchange is now accepting fur donations for their Coats for Cubs drive and will be passing along the donations to rehabilitation organizations across the country. The fur items will be used as bedding and items of comfort for wildlife.

Since the program began in 2006, Buffalo Exchange has donated more than 8,000 used furs. Buffalo Exchange has two Bay Area locations, one in San Francisco and a second in Berkeley. Buffalo Exchange will be accepting donations through Earth Day, April 22.

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