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Donate your unwanted cell phone and combat domestic violence!

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Normal Gadgets is asking Chicagoland residents to drop off gently used cellphones to their Bloomington shop.

The phones will be cleaned and refurbished and be donated to CDV/Neville House. They will then be given to people in domestic violence situations to enable them to call for help during an emergency.

“A 911 cell phone can mean the moments between life and death in a violent relationship,” said Angie Ballantini from Normal Gadgets.

“Understanding that Normal Gadgets is in a unique position in being able to clean and repair donated cell phones, allows us the compassion to fix them up and get them to those in need. We continue to believe in assisting those in need,” said Ballantini.

The cellphone-smartphone-tablet repair shop has already donated 22 cleaned & refurbished call phones to CDV/Neville House. Each was previously donated.

Each phone is cleaned, refurbished and electronically wiped so all numbers, photos and files are completed erased.

Cell phones and components that cannot be reused are dismantled and responsibly recycled to reclaim materials.

Phones can be dropped off at Normal Gadgets at Suite 112 at 2103 North Veterans Parkway in Bloomington. CDV/Neville House is an emergency shelter in McLean County for individuals and families needing to flee from violent and abusive situations.

CDV/Neville House assists and empowers families in crisis with individual and group counseling for adults and children and serves as a community resource by providing awareness, advocacy, and education on the issue of domestic violence.

For more information, visit

Visit for more information.



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