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Donate to Charity! This one loves to give back

"Sounds like love"
"Sounds like love"
Dante Marshall of The Art Direction

I love it when talent meets innovation…

Ladies and Gentleman please meet Charity Ward a 20 yr old soul-stirring singer/songwriter from Detroit that is taking the city’s music scene by storm. As an independent artist Charity is undergoing a very creative campaign to fund her upcoming album Sounds Like Love, her project is registered on a new way to fund creative efforts. Artists can create Kickstarter pages and tell the world about their project and everyone is then invited to donate money to support it. Kickstarter is powered by a unique all-or-nothing funding method where projects must be fully-funded or no money changes hands.

Charity’s Sounds Like Love album campaign ends June 17th and she needs your support to get her to the finish line. With Kickstarter every dollar counts and if enough people donate, even the smallest amount, it greatly benefits the project as a whole in the end. I encourage you to support this refreshing artist and get familiar with her music because she will most definitely be around for a long time. How would I describe Charity? A folky, soulful, breath of fresh air that just happens to be an awesome musician.

Of course I took some time to sit down with Charity in an interview so you could get to know her better check it out and watch her video !

When did you first know that you were a musician?

My parents started me with piano lessons when I was 8 I played for 5 years. But me and the piano just didn’t click (she goes on tell a hilarious story) but it gave me the foundation of being a musician. After piano I took guitar lessons from Joel Palmer a folk guitarist. He had a gift in pulling out other people’s gift. He told my mom after the first time I performed, “Charity is not just gonna play, she’s gonna PLAY!” I started doing covers and kept my guitar in hand so I fell in love with it, and as practice makes perfect, I saw quick results with gaining skills and abilities.

Tell us about your recent album, what is your goal?

Sounds Like Love will be a summer release and it’s special because it’s a musical display of not only me growing up, but also of my musical journey. The single and title track “Sounds Like Love” is my attempt at describing the audible qualities of love. I wanted to show why I fell in love with music and to be as genuine and sincere as possible. My goal is to bring back the genuine nature of music by being a breath of fresh air with extreme quality. I think the album has potential to make noise for an independent release, and I hope it will be profound as far as what it represents- intellectual music.

How long have you been on the music scene in the city and have you performed anywhere else?

I started performing in high school as a student at The Marvin L. Winans Academy of Performing Arts, I also played a lot at churches. After graduating I went to TSU in Nashville, that’s where I started performing at cafes and on larger stages. I moved back home, about a year ago and started persuing my music career here in Detroit and performing around the city.

The Detroit music seems very tight, how did you get affiliated with everyone so quickly?

Jorel Quinn of 21-03 is a longtime friend so we’ve been working together for years, and my manager introduced me to Amp Fiddler. Amp and I speak the same language, he understands me, we vibe on a musical level and he gives me confirmation and encouragement. Then I met B. Williams on Twitter. I could tell he was genuinely interested in my music and wanted to help me. I ended up asking him to perform with me when I opened for Anthony David in March, and now he’s like a big brother. I’m blessed be working with such a talented group of seasoned musicians.

What is your role in the scene?

I think my role is to bring back musicianship. I’m all about chords, writing lyrics, putting thought into chord progressions, writing great melodies and the changes in bridges, I even focus on how bridges contrast with verses and hooks. I always keep in mind the underlying message, I know that music has an extremely powerful healing element. When I was 16 I wrote a song and played it for my aunt, it brought her to tears. That’s when I knew that it’s important to blend music with content that has the potential to change somebody’s circumstance.

Besides your music, what's in your CD player right now?

Andre 3000, Corrine Bailey Rae, John Mayer, Kanye West, and Kirk Franklin to name a few. They are all artist that that typically don’t stay in the box and are able to reach a broader demographic while staying true to their art.

What artists would you like to work with?

John Mayer and John Legend are two artists that inspire me want to write and compose, Kanye West, he’s my production idol, and Natasha Bedingfield she was the first artist that made me really want to write, I’d love to work to with her too.

The question we all want to know... Whats' next for Charity?

Touring, radio, TV, internet media, I plan to do it all I want to be revolutionary. As for the immediate future, I’m really excited to start doing more live performances not only in Detroit but nationwide.

Check out Charity!!

Twitter: @CharityClef




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