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Donald Trump wants to buy Buffalo Bills and build them a new stadium

The Buffalo Bills football team will be up for sale this summer as founder and owner Ralph C. Wilson Jr. has passed on. There will probably be many bidding to purchase the team but, according to The Buffalo News on May 27, the loudest voice so far belongs to billionaire Donald Trump.

Donald Trump wants to buy the Buffalo Bills and build them a new stadium
Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images

Donald Trump not only wants to buy the Buffalo Bills, but he is willing to put his own money into the building of a new stadium for the team. When asked about contributing his personal assets to a new stadium, Trump said, “I think I would. If my bid were accepted, I would certainly do what I could do.”

Trump is so confident that he’s already had his employees out scouting for sites for that new stadium in and around Buffalo. “There are a couple of sites in Buffalo that would be very good. We’ve looked at two of them, and we’re thinking about two of them, but we’ll see what happens.”

Right now, county officials have stated that they would like to see any new stadium for the Buffalo Bills built close to Ralph Wilson stadium in Orchard Park, the current Bills’ home stadium since 1973. Donald Trump doesn’t necessarily agree. “You’d want a site that wouldn’t interfere with the old stadium because you’d want the transition to be seamless,” he said.

Trump seems quite serious about his bid to buy the team, provided he can get it at what he calls “a reasonable or fair price.” He says he has a good relationship with the people of Buffalo, N.Y.

“I’ve always liked the Bills. I’ve always thought that Jim Kelly is one of the great, great players in the history of the NFL. You’ve had some fabulous teams, just really a great group of teams and a great group of people. And the Bills should stay in Buffalo.”

The Bills staying in Buffalo is something that should win Trump many fans. Nobody wants to see their team move. Trump said he’d be willing to sign a lease on a new stadium that would include severe financial penalties for relocating the team. There are similar penalties on the current least at Ralph Wilson stadium.

Will Donald Trump be successful? That remains to be seen and depends on many things, especially who and how many other bidders there will be.

Donald Trump usually has an answer for everything, but is he the right answer for the Buffalo Bills? Leave a comment and let me know what you think about Trump owning an NFL football team.

QUOTE SOURCE: The National Press Club

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