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Donald Trump vs. Mayor Rahm Emanuel over Trump Tower Chicago sign

Trump Tower Chicago entrance
Trump Tower Chicago entrance
Photo by Scott Paulson

There is a new prominently-displayed sign spelling out Donald Trump’s last name on his Chicago property, and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel doesn’t like it one bit. In fact, the mayor has asked his staff to examine a possible change to the city’s regulations to make sure that no other such signs are allowed again in Chicago. Emanuel claims the new sign that is being displayed on Trump’s building along the Chicago River is absolutely tasteless, according to a Chicago Tribune report on Friday.

Trump says that the mayor and the powers-that-be in Chicago can do what they want regarding sign restrictions in the city. However, he says that they cannot change the rules mid-game. Trump asserts that if they want to do that for future buildings, it is something he would fully understand. However, regardless of what Emanuel thinks of the sign, Trump is going to keep it.

Mayor Emanuel did not say what he could legally do to have the sign, which has just been installed on Trump’s downtown Chicago property this week, removed. Instead of answering those questions from the media, Emanuel kept his comments on his effort to keep other such signs popping up in the city’s landscape. Emanuel asserted that he wants to make sure that on a future basis that the city has the planning development and all the ordinances in a way that reflect the city’s beautiful architecture.

Emanuel said that if Chicago has to tighten that up with new regulations, he has asked his staff to look at it so a situation like this does not emerge again in the future. In Emanuel’s own words, he said that it is his personal opinion that the Trump sign is tasteless and scars the architecture, beauty and taste of the Trump Tower in Chicago along the Chicago River.

According to CBS News, Trump completely disagrees with Emanuel’s taste regarding the signage. He said the building is an architectural gem. He believes that the signage enhances the building. He also claims that one will see that in the years to come and the sign will become iconic – if, according to Trump, it isn’t already iconic. He seems to enjoy that the sign is in the headlines and being talked about so much.