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Donald Trump sues to have his name taken away from dumpy Atlantic City casinos

Donald Trump doesn’t want his name associated with anything that doesn’t exude success or luxury (despite some of his past decisions) and at least in this case, he’s willing to step right into court to make it so. On Aug. 5, Associated Press reports the real estate giant bypassed all of the drama of his usual upsets and went straight legal by filing a lawsuit against the two casinos in Atlantic City that still bear his name: Trump Taj Mahal and Trump Plaza.

Trump wants his name of Trump Plaza
Flickr Creative Commons, Kamoteus

The two casinos are controlled by Trump Entertainment Resorts, which Trump is no longer affiliated with, but still bears his name and so he says, his reputation. He says the two casinos have fallen into disrepair and will confuse customers about his personal brand. He says now that he’s been distanced from the company and hotels for some time, and he no longer wants to be associated with what they have become.

Trump stated that Trump Plaza was subjected to two different quality reviews from a third party organization and failed both times. The hotel failed in categories of cleanliness and food and beverage sales. He described the current state as “utter disrepair.” Shortly after the second review was conducted, management announced that Trump Plaza would be closing in September.

Trump Plaza isn’t the only casino in Atlantic City to call it a night either; by the end of 2014, at least four casinos will have shuttered their doors, which is a significant cut out of the 12 that were in business at the beginning of this year.

Trump is offering the casinos the chance to continue bearing his name, so long as they straighten up and fly right. He says if they rectify the “breach of the licensing agreement” they can continue to be Trump babies, if only by name. Seeing how poorly the area is doing in general, that little bit of prestige, as well as a make-over, could only help.

Though Trump’s decision to not take his rant to Twitter seems like a mature one, relatively (check out his Twitter to see how many times he’s retweeted people saying he should be president) the lawsuit seems a little silly.

The Donald owns 10 percent of Trump Entertainment Resorts, which allows the company to use his name. He does have the option to sell that off, at which point they couldn’t use his name any longer, legally. So, yes, he could solve his own problem by simply selling off his stake quietly and moving along, perhaps using that money for the Buffalo Bills. However, we know you better than that, Mr.Trump. Instead of a Twitter tantrum, he’s just throwing a legal one.

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