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Donald Trump speaks with Michelle Bachman and now on Today show

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Donald Trump may not be running for President of the United States, but it sure seems like it. Trump appeared on the Today Show among other shows this week.

The star of 'The Celebrity Apprentice', spoke of endorsing candidates. Trump says "I want this country to be great again!". Matt Lauer asked him if he is endorsing Michelle Bachman, and Trump denied. Lauer also asked Trump who will you vote for. He answered, "I could vote for anybody, over President Obama, President Obama has been a total and complete disaster."

Trump spoke with Michelle Bachman this week. Trump is very busy with the candidates lately, following is a clip from the

He has had pizza in Times Square with Sarah Palin. He has dined at the swank Jean Georges restaurant on Central Park with Gov. Rick Perry of Texas. And on Monday night, Donald Trump joined Representative Michele Bachmann on a telephone conference call, the latest evidence for his strange king-making role in the Republican nominating race.

“He is not on the call because he’s endorsing my candidacy,’’ Mrs. Bachmann made clear to what she said were 200,000 listeners across the country. “He’s on the call because he’s admired.’’

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