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Donald Trump shows interest in Buffalo Bills investment

Rumor has it that Trump might want to buy the Buffalo Bills
Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images

Donald Trump is possibly interested in owning part of the NFL's Buffalo Bills. On April 1, ESPN reported that Trump is considering taking part in a group and purchasing the Buffalo Bills football team.

Since the passing of Bills owner Ralph Wilson, it has been asked a few times what would happen to the Buffalo team. Many speculated that a new owner probably wouldn't want to keep the team in upstate New York. Trump has said that if he were to go through with buying into the team, he would want to keep them right where they are.

Just the fact that Trump doesn't want to move the Buffalo Bills to a more profitable city might be enough to earn him that possibility. It isn't easy to buy an NFL team, even if you have the money to do so. Trump just might pass the muster though after his declaration not to move the city. He also has a relationship with ailing former Bills Quarterback Jim Kelly and the now deceased Bills owner Ralph Wilson.

Some are speculating that he isn't even interested in owning a piece or all of the Buffalo Bills team. Instead, they are basically saying that Donald Trump is using the opportunity that the Bills might be sold as a way to get some attention. Well, if that is the case then it worked. It does seem highly unlikely that he would actually buy the team, given his history with the USFL. However, the friendship Trump has with Kelly does seem to hold some weight. Jim Kelly doesn't want to see the Bills moved to another city either.

His show "Celebrity Apprentice" is currently filming and will be airing very soon. Time will tell if Trump is serious about working with a group to purchase the Buffalo Bills or if he just working to get his name trending this week.

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