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Donald Sterling vocalizes the fear of many

The Voice of many
The Voice of many

Donald Sterling’s statements caught on tape may be the rants of an ignorant old man of a bygone era when the battle for equality was limited to blacks and whites, but his sentiments illustrate the trepidation held by those who dread the changing demographics of America. In his statements, Sterling is pleading with his so called girlfriend to keep black people out of his inner circle. He already cannot stop blacks from playing, coaching and running his beloved basketball team; he cannot even stop them from having sex with her; however, he begs to draw the line somewhere, and hold on to an imaginary small domain where black people are not allowed to invade.
There are many whites who feel the same way. Just take a moment to watch Fox News’ reporters and guests discuss the issues of immigration and voting rights; listen to conservative radio host tell their listeners that the government is giving their tax dollars to welfare mothers and illegal immigrants; or read how Republican legislatures are gerrymandering congressional districts so that white communities are protected and isolated to insure majority white voting areas. All these citizens may not be overtly saying that they want their little portion of America devoid of “black people,” but they are covertly implementing and advocating policies which demonstrate their fear of an unstoppable evolution.

With blacks and other minority populations growing in numbers, the white face which symbolized America for these past two centuries will no longer be the single dominate force that leads us into the future. America is transforming into the true melting pot which it has claimed to be for all of its history. Over the next century, the minorities will become the majorities and the present status quo will fail to be an accurate representation of America. The United States will need the participation of all groups to maintain its greatness.

Our future success will require all ethnicities and races to work together for the singular purpose of making America the greatest nation on Earth. The presidency of Barack Obama more than anything else indicates that leadership of America will never again be the sole sphere of a white male. The door is now open to other minorities and women who aspire to hold the highest office in the land and lead America into a prosperous new century. This diversity of leadership brings new ideas which reinvigorate America, as new immigrants have done for generations and generations.

The Donald Sterling’s and others who still aspire to live in the America of their youth will just be cast aside and forgotten, like vinyl records and eight track tapes.