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Donald Sterling’s wife files lawsuit against V. Stiviano? Affair in court record

Donald Sterling
Donald Sterling
Photo by Ronald Martinez

Donald Sterling’s personal life is definitely getting a good look at and people are shocked to see that his alleged mistress and wife are in court over property. In Los Angeles the lifestyles of the rich and famous always seem to surprise, but the LA Clippers owner has even shocked folks who consider themselves well versed in the strange lifestyles of the celebrities. According to the Los Angeles Times on Saturday, the wife of Donald Sterling, Rochelle H. Sterling, has sued to get property back from V. Stiviano.

The lawsuit was filed in March and it appears that the marriage of Donald Sterling is still ongoing, even with the alleged affair in the court documents and available to the public to review. Describing the affair quite vividly, Stiviano is alleged to be a mistress and gold digger.

Why the lawsuit? According to the documents, Rochelle Sterling alleges that Stiviano received a 2012 Ferrari, two Bentleys and a 2013 Range Rover. Purchased with community property money, she never gave permission and Stiviano has title and has refused to return it. Apparently there is more including a place near the Beverly Center that was quite expensive.

While the Argument that the gifts were all allegedly made without Rochelle Sterling’s knowledge or consent is still being battled out in court, it appears that there will some sort of decision in the month’s ahead. That might be too late for the judgment of public opinion as people are shocked and outraged over the allegations, especially after realizing that V. Stiviano has allegedly lived with Donald Sterling while he has been married to Rochelle Sterling.

The other interesting detail on the complaint has some fans wondering why Donald Sterling would be around another woman is all her alleged aliases. Stiviano allegedly goes by several other names, the court documents suggest this included Vanessa Maria Perez, Monica Gallegos and Maria Valdez.