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Donald Sterling: Racist

Donald Sterling, racist
Donald Sterling, racist
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Yes, Donald Sterling appears to be a bad guy. Horrific slumlord for starters

It is alleged he uses the n- word. Also, there were complaints that he brought women in the team’s locker room and proclaimed each time they “ should look at the beautiful black bodies." (That is when he wasn't demeaning women.)

Oh so it’s only okay when the anti-Semitic Kansas City Killer says it? (He was once arrested after being caught in a car with a black, male prostitute.) If you have to explain the joke, forgetaboutit.

Back to the Sterling scenario. An illegally obtained tape has him telling his mixed race girlfriend that he doesn’t want blacks coming to Clipper games. He stated this to a woman who is part Afro-American.

Can’t be too racist….

Also... ban black fans from professional basketball? Sterling didn’t become a billionaire with demented ideas like that.

Jesse Jackson, among others, wants a boycott.

Oh Jesse- you are familiar with being caught on tape. Hymie town. Wants to perform a horrific operation on Barack Obama. And that’s just what has been recorded.

If you don’t like Sterling, then by all means, boycott his team.

And if you hate racism, then start by voting out all the members of the House and Senate who are clearly prejudiced against minorities as well as the most vulnerable members of our society.

And elected officials have the power to transmute that racism into pernicious and hateful laws.

So people, get some priorities.

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