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Donald Sterling is Sex Positive, but racist due to tradition

A new hatred forms for Donald Sterling, owner of the Clippers.
A new hatred forms for Donald Sterling, owner of the Clippers.
Photo by Jonathan Alcorn/Getty Images

The famous Donald Sterling tapes have created a media frenzy over the racist tendencies of a man who everyone knew was racist. Everyone seems to be ignoring the truly weird part of this story, though. Maybe that in itself is a sign of the changing times.

It seems that given the facts, Donald Sterling is not a racist towards individuals he deems worthy of spending time with, or sleeping with. He does, however, insist on an outward appearance of segregation, probably due to the culture of his time and how he views the way others view him.

In the recorded conversation with his half-black half-Mexican girlfriend he says, "I'm living in a culture, and I have to live within the culture. So that’s the way it is….You can’t be flexible. You can’t be flexible, you can't--"

To which she replies, "I am flexible. I understand that that’s the way you were raised, and that’s your culture."

He is evidently fine with mixed races in private but feels that it will tarnish his image for his extra-marital mized-race girlfriend to be seen with black people. It's a very strange perception of the world.

Especially when you consider the following:

How about your whole life, everyday, you could whatever you want. You can sleep with them[black people], you can bring them in, you can do whatever you want. The little I ask you is not to promote it on that[instagram]...and not to bring them to my games.

He is apparently quite progressive on the Sex Positive front, especially for an 82 year old. Is it weird that the media seems to have completely missed this, or is it a sign that "sexual deviance" is not sought out and punished, anymore?

But, then again, the estranged wife suing the ex-mistress probably takes away from any sex positive lessons here.

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