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Donald Sterling: His girlfriend is biracial, he cannot be racist

Donald Sterling will receive a lifetime achievement award from the Los Angeles, California chapter of the NAACP.
NAACP-Los Angeles website

TMZ has done it again! On Friday April 25, 2014, the celebrity news site dropped a juicy morsel of social media meme-worthy information. In an unsavory tape recorded conversation, an NBA team owner made some not so nice remarks about African-Americans when talking to his girlfriend, V. Stiviano. Needless to say, these remarks led to an uprising of anti-racism activism.

Everyone calling for a boycott of the Los Angeles Clippers should stop right now! Sure Clippers' owner Donald Sterling may have made some off-color remarks, but are you really willing to label him a racist? There is no way a person could be racist who shares his life with a woman who is half African-American. It is utterly impossible for someone who enjoys the company of a "minority" to actually be racist.

Sterling, himself, said he "loves the Black people." Sterling is set to receive a lifetime achievement award from the NAACP for goodness sake! (Source) This man pays Black people millions of dollars to run up and down a court bouncing a is that racist?

Sterling merely wanted to protect Stiviano's privilege of "passing". According to the recording, Stiviano is seen as a "delicate" White woman or Latina. Now she wants to go letting the world know that something in her milk isn't clean. Shame on her. Who cares if her father is African-American? The world does not need to know. She could have gone on and lived her life free and clear of the stain of blackness.

Sterling is just trying to protect the object of his desire. Calling Sterling racist is like calling Thomas Jefferson racist. Jefferson had all of those children with his Black slave. No way could a man reproduce half-black children and be racist. Racists cannot possibly be attracted to the race they despise...unless they are like former North Carolina KKK leader Frazier Glenn Miller who was caught with a male prostitute of an ethnic persuasion a long time ago.

Yep, you can put your race card back in your pocket for this one. Sterling is simply another old wrinkled rich guy who cheats on his wife of fifty years with a young hot woman who doesn't know how to follow orders.

Advice: If you're interested in starting an interracial relationship with someone, make sure they won't ask you to bleach your skin to porcelain or tan yourself to leather. As soon as they start referring to your family as "you people", you may want to look elsewhere for love. Don't let the post-racial achievement awards fool you. They may be "passing" as a non-racist person.

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