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Donald Sterling fallout: Village People bans Clippers from using 'YMCA' song

Donald Sterling fallout: Village People bans Clippers from using 'YMCA' song
Photo by Thearon W. Henderson

LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling's fallout and backlash is getting bigger by the day. From his own players protesting before yesterday's Game 4 NBA playoff game against the Golden State Warriors, to being torn apart by former NBA players, celebrities and other sports figures across the globe, the Clippers owner has single-handedly caused an uproar with his selfish and racist statements. Now, even the popular musical group the Village People want nothing to do with Sterling.

According to CBS Sports on April 27, Victor Willis, the original lead singer of the Village People has threatened legal action against Sterling and the Clippers organization if they play the groups hit song "Y.M.C.A." at any more of their home games. It's not sure on how or what grounds Willis could sue just for the song that most arenas play on a daily basis, but Willis is serious about going after Sterling if they do play it during the next postseason game.

Willis owns the rights to the song as well as many other Village People hits, including "Macho Man," another popular tune played at many sporting arenas. TMZ reported that a spokesman for the singer confirmed he's serious and will pursue action if the song is used.

There are a ton of bad things that have come out of this unfortunate situation, and probably much more drama yet to come. However hopefully for the Clippers players, their fans and everyone really, someway, somehow this can be turned into a positive. It is hard to picture how it could right now, but hopefully in the end it will. Sports is a great way to bring people together of all races and creeds, and there is no room for people like Sterling.

The Clippers will play at home for the first time since Sterling's remarks this Tuesday night at 10:30 p.m. ET. Hopefully there will be more focus on a great NBA playoff game than Sterling's ignorant comments.