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Donald Sterling banned for life from NBA

On Monday, after a weekend of embarrassing statements by of one of its team owners, the NBA announced the investigation in the racially charged statements made by Donald Sterling would be quick and thorough.

Adam Silver showed obvious distaste in the recent events while reciting a prepared statement giving the conclusions of the investigation. He stated that the investigation included an interview with Sterling. He also confirmed that the voice on the audio recording was indeed Mr. Sterling. When asked if Sterling offered anymore statements regarding what he said, Mr. Silver responded "Sterling expressed no other views regarding the comments made."

Mr. Silver went on to say that the statements made on the recording were "offensive and harmful". He also stated the situation "heightens the damage and am personally distraught that the comments came from within, a institution that has taken a leadership role in diversity."

Effecting immediately, Sterling is banned for life from any NBA events and is to not to participate in any business or player personel business in addition to being completely barred from any NBA sponsored events.

Sterling will also receive 2.5 million in fines and those monies will be donated to organizations dedicated to anti-discriminatory initiatives and equality. Also, in his disgust, Mr. Silver stated he will see that Sterling is forced to sell his team.

Last week, TMZ released a tape of the L.A. Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, arguing with his black and hispanic girlfriend about socializing in public, specifically at his games, with affluent African-Americans. In the audio tape, Sterling can be heard saying thats blacks were fine to talk to or even have sex with but it shouldnt be done openly.

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