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Donald Sterling and personal preferences

A major journalist on a Sunday news talk show asked whether Donald Sterling was in touch with reality.
Mainstream network news probably should consider reality from time to time, since it doesn't really dictate it.
The extent to which the "races" mix in social functions is different than in some business and government functions.
There are for example chuches that are mostly blacks. There are radio stations whose audience is mostly black. The sermons at the black churches are different than at the other churches. The music on the black radio stations is different than at the other radio stations.
It might be difficult for some to imagine, but there is life outside television.
There too though are programs whose audience is mostly black.
Some sports have a much larger black audience. Some have a much larger white audience. Some have various mixes.
The reasons for this might not have anything at all to do with suppression of any kind. People just have personal preferences.
Some people like Italian food. If someone doesn't like Italian food, they are not really expected to eat it anyway. Food is a personal choice, for adults anyway. If they go with friends to an Italian restaurant there will probably be something on the menu for people who don't like Italian food. However there is no law requiring it.
In the past, interracial marriage was illegal in some areas. Now it is legal, but it is still not required anywhere. You get to pick the church, sermon, station, music, food, height, weight, intelligence and skin color of your spouse, so long as that one person agrees. If your large business does not include other races, there can be governmental consequnces. It is not so with your family, friends or social associates. There are even political organizations with racial agendas, the Black Caucus for one. They are allowed to operate.
In our quest for equality of opportunity it sometimes appears that things must be made the same to be treated fairly.
Some think men and women should be "equal." It is likely a result of our attempt to treat all people fairly, and the belief that we can't do that unless we make them the same. Women and men are not the same. In child custody, all else being equal, the women will likely get custody. No man will be turned down for military service simply because he is a man, even if that means there will be more men than women in the military. The so called "Equal Rights Amendment" was never ratified, and for those two main reasons it likely never will be.
If making everyone the same is the only way to ensure equality of opportunity and treatment by law, what then happens to "diversity"? Is it really necessary for the government to monitor the percentage of pasta prima vera in your personal budget?
No, of course not. Things do not have be the same to be treated fairly. That's the whole point, to treat different people fairly, even with their differences.
Many people have friends with differences of many kinds, yet they still have more with the same preferences and tastes as their own. No ratios might ever be required. Some people have way more friends who are Democrats, or Republicans, or athletes, or bookish, or religious or various other things. Forcing people to be "same" in the attempt at equality does not necessarily make life "fair" for our many differences.
Education is much different. It is run by governments at local, state and federal levels and that means it is important to ensure equal opportunity. It does not mean it has to ensure anything else the same. Elemeantary schools are basic and, being basic, cover the same materials. Colleges are not basic and cover different things. Some specialize in arts, some science, some religion, some law, some medicine. Laws maintaining the sameness of elementary education will likely hold, but that might be as far as it will go because in college too, as with many social endeavors, our diversity will continue to flourish.
Whatever the NBA does with Donald Sterling, there will still be black churches, radio stations, television programs, organizations and publications. Losing them would mean a loss of cultural diversity, and the NBA is not likely to order that.

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