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Donald Sterling and Los Angeles Clippers dominate airwaves

NBA Commissioner Bans Donald Sterling
NBA Commissioner Bans Donald Sterling
Photo by Elsa

Little did I know when I wrote my article (Few Los Angeles Sports Radio Shows about NBA Playoffs), last week about the L.A. Clippers not getting enough media coverage this, NBA Basketball team would dominate the airwaves, just a few days later. Since TMZ released the audio of the infamous conversation between Donald Sterling and his alleged mistress, V. Stiviano not only is the sports media super focused on the Clippers and Golden State Warriors playoff series, but so are media around the World.

It is amazing how quickly controversy can turn what would have been an average covered story into a media frenzy and become the most talked about subject in News. Within the last few days, people have been glued to the sports radio stations, sports TV programs such as ESPN, TV News stations, and social media. This historic story has attracted the attention of every aspect of society, including NBA players, owners, employees, other pro athletes and teams, fanatic and casual sports fans, civil rights leaders, politicians and the general public.

I am certain NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver could have not have imagined he would be faced with such a monumental challenge in his whole tenure as the head of one of the most recognized sports organizations on Earth, less known within his first 90 days of accepting this important position. Not since September 11, 2001 when former U.S. President, George Bush got the news that enemy planes flew into the New York Twin Towers had a leader had to make such an important decision so quickly. His life-time ban of Donald Sterling from the NBA, $2.5 Million fine and plan to force him to sell the team, was a courageous action. Of course, it would not be surprising to learn his decision was strongly influenced by the NBA Players Union led by Union President/Clipper point guard, Chris Paul and Sacramento Mayor, Kevin Johnson. Plus, National Advertising Sponsors were canceling or suspending their contracts with the Clippers one after another.

There have been rumors of numerous business tycoons who are interested in buying the Los Angeles Clippers. One such person whose name has been mentioned is Magic Johnson, whom was the specific person that Donald was outraged about his girlfriend taking a picture with and posting it on In-Stagram. I would hate to hear an audio of what he might say if the former Laker star is awarded the right to buy his team. LOL

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