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Donald Glover is Miles Morales and 'Web-Warriors' takes us to Ultimate Universe

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An exciting revelation from USA Today has been confirmed as Donald Glover is set to guest star as the Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales in an upcoming episode of the Disney XD animated television show "Ultimate Spider-Man: Web-Warriors."

The on-screen story seems to resemble the team up comic fans read in the 2012 mini-series "Spider-Men" which saw the original Spider-Man in Marvel's main universe crossover with the Ultimate Spider-Man.

Donald Glover has long lobbied to play his childhood hero in past feature film adaptations. He finally gets his chance, but just not the Spider-Man he had originally wanted to play. Glover is best known for his portrayal of Troy Barnes on the extremely popular NBC sitcom "Community." He is also a rapper under the Glassnote Records label.

The upcoming season of "Ultimate Spider-Man" will debut this coming Sunday, August 31st. This season will see Peter Parker (Drake Bell) team up with various Spider-Men from other universes. It is somewhat ironic that Bell's Parker is the star of the "Ultimate Spider-Man" television show, but he will be playing the role of the Earth-616 Parker when he meets the current comics Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales.

Whatever the case is, its nice to see producers and show runners incorporating comic book stories into television shows. Are you excited for this upcoming season of "Ultimate Spider-Man: Web-Warriors?"