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Don't worry, you're in good


"I can't believe it! I'm being groomed!" beams recent-business school graduate Carter (Topher Grace) as he stares up at the ceiling starry-eyed, lying beside his utterly unenthused wife of seven months.

This is one of those snapshots from In Good Company that speaks volumes about the disconnect between professional ambition and personal fulfilment. Writer/Director Paul Weitz's unique romantic comedy tells the story of Dan Foreman (Dennis Quaid), a middle-aged ad executive whose sports magazine decides to shake things up by bringing in managers half his age to run the show.

Before long, Dan's wife is pregnant for the first time in over a decade and his new boss Carter is sleeping with Dan's 18 year old daughter (Scarlett Johansson). 

This film was released in the slow season for movies (between New Year's Day and the Academy Awards ceremony), so you have to suspect the studios didn't think it would do that well in theaters. Surprisingly, however, it brought in a respectable $45 million domestically, which makes you wonder how it would have done if it had been released during a different time of year.

I did see In Good Company in the theater, but I think it would be just as entertaining on DVD. In particular, I remember how refreshing it was to watch Topher Grace perform without a constant laugh-track in the background (think That 70's Show).