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Don't worry, God's in control

A girl pray among believers during a religious service in Port-au-Prince, Monday, Feb. 1, 2010
A girl pray among believers during a religious service in Port-au-Prince, Monday, Feb. 1, 2010
AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd

A truly tragic event occurred on Tuesday, January 12, 2010 in Haiti when a massive earthquake shook Port-au-Prince and the surrounding area to the core. Unreported thousands of lives are expected to be lost and massive destruction has gripped the area. Many ask the question, “How can God allow this to happen?” There are bodies in the street, there are search and rescue teams from around the globe working feverishly to assist the victims and as could be expected, mass chaos has taken over. Why did this happen? More alarming than the tragedy itself are statements that have been made in the past few days from “trusted” icons Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh. These well spoken public figures have quipped insidious proclamations of why this event has occurred. Mr. Robertson has declared vindication from God for the Country because of its “deal with the Devil” and Limbaugh assures us President Obama will benefit politically from the tragic event. But be assured, regardless of the insight or the high powered intellect these men claim to posses, ONLY God knows the reason for the devastating earthquake that hit.

Make no mistake, God is in control. His will is perfect and He is sovereign. We cannot even attempt to read the mind of God. All we can do is rely on His Word to assure us that in ALL things he has a purpose, refer to Romans 8:28. God will ultimately bring good out of this tragedy, as in every event, and we will see God’s perfect will revealed. Belief and faith in God are the essential elements of the Christian life. When we question God we are displaying our lack of faith and belief. There will be tragic events in life, times when we don’t understand why things happen but that doesn’t give us license to doubt, curse or question our Lord. How we react and attempt to resolve tests and trials will reflect our level of faith and belief and will result in a future blessing from God.

Keep the faith and let God work. When we get out of the way and allow God to take control, He always brings His perfection to light.