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Don't Worry, Bead Happy

Buying single beads is more economical than purchasing packages of beads.
Buying single beads is more economical than purchasing packages of beads.
Samantha Piette

Those of you who live in the Minneapolis area have likely been to the Mall of America.  Some of you may love it, and some of you may have found yourself there on a Saturday close to the holidays and have vowed never to go back.  However often you go, I would like to urge you to go back and check out Beadniks

Beadniks is a bead store which offers two formats to purchase product.  You can buy single beads and supplies, or you can make your own project right in the store and take a piece of custom made (by you!) jewelry home with you.  The second option works perfectly for parties or events hosted there, which is one of their services (think of a Bachelorette Party where everyone makes their own necklaces!)  The single bead purchasing option appeals to jewelry makers who already have a stash of beads and findings at home. 

They offer a nice selection of beads from around the world, some of which you have likely never seen before.  These collections offer a lot of inspiration for the shopper and you are sure to find something you just can't live without.  They also offer many basic beading supplies which can easily be found in other crafts stores, though the prices are slightly higher than other craft stores.

The biggest advantage of shopping at Beadniks, as well as other bead stores with the same format, is that purchasing the exact number of beads you need is easy.  There is no wasted money on leftover supplies that may end up forgotten and unused.  Beadniks also offers a wide range of classes at the MOA location and updates their online calendar often.  Whether you are a veteran beader or a complete newbie you will likely find something to help you create one of a kind handmade jewelry.