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Don't wait until you have regrets: Look Up!

We type while we talk, we chat while we read, we get caught in the net and before we know it, life is passing you by.

Meal time especially should be a time when everyone disconnects.
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You've missed moments in life that years ago would have been your greatest joys.

You may have thousands of followers on social media and even hundreds of friends - yet you are lonely.

You act as if you are happy with every experience you share, but is really the same when nobody is there?

Have you considered that children today, since they were born, have watched you living like robots and think it's normal?

Look-Up is an online video that gives us all reality-check of how technology has taken over our lives.

Simply look-up from your phone and shut-down the display, take in your surroundings and make a connection with someone today!

This video speaks to almost everyone. It is a reminder that generations earlier didn't have digital devices to interfere with life. There were moments that were able to be kept special and not spread worldwide.

Today social networking is a fantastic way to connect, re-connect and even stay connected --- but let's remember it is okay to disconnect at times too.

Do yourself and your family a favor, be there in reality. Look-up and be present!

Nothing replaces face-to-face time or real chat. Don't wait until you have regrets.

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