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Don’t touch what is not yours

Dogs cannot hide from thieves. Don't be one!
Melissa L. Stoneburner

As children grow, many parents teach them the concept to leave alone what is not theirs. This way they are taught not to steal; not to break anything or be the reason for another person to feel sad or miserable because something they love is gone.

Evidently the concept did not reach the individual or individuals on the 1100 block of East Pine Street in Springfield. A white Maltese dog, valued at $2,500 was scooped up and taken away from its front yard between 7:00 and 7:40 p.m. on Sunday.

In several areas, the culprit could have potentially been a coyote, but in this case, witnesses saw a light-colored Chrysler sedan drive away from the area around the exact time that the dog was discovered missing. What a shame!

Why take someone else’s love when there are so many canines in need of a good home sitting in rescues, shelters, and in foster care? It seems ridiculous and downright selfish; causing another person or persons pain when the emptiness of the thief could be so easily rectified!

On one side we have people taking what does not belong to them. On the other side, we have people leaving behind perfectly loveable pets just because they no longer want them, can accommodate them, or afford them. If you get the gist, animals are the ones paying the price for human incompetence. It seems quite unfair!

Thankfully many initiatives have been derived that call for No-Kill policies with shelters and rescues (unless the animal is truly sick or injured). This way, the animals at least have a fighting chance of finding a forever, loving home.

The problem, though, with people stealing other people’s dogs is that they use them as bait to get the people that truly own them to pay the thief money to get their own dog back. Whether the dogs are taken from their own backyard or from their automobile when taking a small ride with their family member or even from their own home, it is not right. It is happening too often and must be stopped!

For the love of humanity, we can only hope that whoever took the Maltese will reconsider and take it back to its family. The dog has a good home and is most likely quite afraid. The best thing to do now is the right thing. Please don’t take what is not yours!

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