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Don't tease with poetry of Obamacare bad news unless you can write one

Kathleen Parker had poetry on her mind when she wrote the article referenced below. Tis the season for poetry, one guesses. Referring to Obamacare:

A poem for Kathleen Parker

“Today, knowing what we know, we are left with what we used to call a million-dollar question, though it is much more expensive now: How does one defend spending $1.2 trillion for a health-care overhaul that disincentivize people to work, and that leaves us with 31 million uninsured?

One writes poetry.”

Poem: “The Truth Hurts, Swear It.”

A good life for all is not guaranteed,
Neither is equal opportunity and economic parity.

Intelligent design would have it that there are winners and losers,
Darwin professed that as his creed.

Wealth in America is a rarity.
Poverty and diminishing returns result from greed.


The Affordable Care Act performance metrics are not anywhere close to what was defined as the problem and required solution. Obama’s management approach is to evade any real definition of outcomes with metrics, so one never knows what he had in mind. It doesn’t matter. The return on cost from the Affordable Care Act doesn’t add up. The legislation was a fast job, rushed through by an incompetent Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. They should be chopped along with all incumbents who had anything to do with passing this bad legislation.

One more slip up by Obama, and he should be impeached.

“The poetry of bad news around Obamacare

By Kathleen Parker, Published: February 14

It is easy these days to imagine that one is living in a fairy tale, albeit a dreary one.

In fairy tales, as in Washington, things are true that can’t possibly be — and what is not true can be defended by tilting the facts a certain way and catching the light just so.

Objective truth, it seems, has gone the way of trolls, goblins and gremlins, by which one should not infer that Truth has taken up residence in the U.S. Congress.

Cognitive dissonance is a rational response to recent news that Obamacare will reduce the workforce, which is hardly helpful to the economy, and insure less than half of the uninsured — from 55 million down to 31 million.:

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