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'Don't Starve Together' is coming soon

Screenshots from Don't Starve
Screenshots from Don't Starve
Klei Entertainment

In 2013 Klei Entertainment released ‘Don’t Starve’ which was a highly addictive survival-sandbox game where you’re thrown into a dark and terrifying world with nothing to help you survive. You must collect supplies for food, fire, and weapons or else you’ll die a horrible death fairly quickly.

Klei Entertainment

‘Don’t Starve’ is a unique experience that you will soon be able to share with your friends because Klei Entertainment has announced that they will be adding multi-player as a free expansion through Steam to all current owners of ‘Don’t Starve’.

‘Don’t Starve’ will go up to $19.99 for those who don’t purchase the base game before the multi-player expansion comes out, so if you haven’t bought the game yet and are interested in doing so for the multi-player, make sure you buy it before the price hike.

‘Don’t Starve Together’ will support 2-4 players simultaneously for now, though it has been mentioned that they may support more than 4.

For those who do not want to participate in multi-player, Klei Entertainment promises that single-player ‘Don’t Starve’ will not be affected by the addition of multi-player except for features not specifically related to multi-player gameplay.

This expansion promises to be a fun experience with friends or strangers. Will you be able to relax knowing that your friends are eyeing your collection of rabbit meat? Probably not. Will you work together or will you wait until your companion is weak and defenseless so you can take them out and steal all their goodies?

As of now all we know in regards to a release date is that it’s supposed to drop during Summer 2014. Klei Entertainment has stated that Steam users will be the first to receive the expansion and that they will go from there.