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Don't Snooze on April Fools

Laughter is the best Medicine
Laughter is the best Medicine

Though the history of April Fool's Day is uncertain, the current belief is that it originated in France when the introduction of the Gregorian Calendar moved New Year's week from Mar 25 - April 1 to it's currently celebrated time in January.  Those people who wanted to keep old traditions and continued to celebrate April 1 as New Year's Day became the butt of many jokes including being sent on "fool errands" and being invited to non existent parties.

Regardless of where it started, April 1st is a day in which even the most straight laced person gets to kick off their shoes and get low down and dirty and that includes you! Laughter is the best remedy so put on your thinking caps and show some people how much you care by playing some practical jokes on them. If you're having a brain fart, check out these websites and get some inspiration by perusing these past practical jokes as well as some tasty treats you can snack on.

More of a historian than a practical joker?  Check out some of the monumental things that ocurred Today in History.

Happy New Year everyone! Hahahahahaha :D