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Don't sniff at yoga -- especially Yoga Warrior 365

Couple of thoughts about the Yoga Warrior 365 program that I an incorporating into my fitness training.

First, fitness devotees usually discover at some point that cross-training is a good idea.

Second, if you have been fitness training a long time your body can probably stand a little less pounding a day or two each week.

Third, if you are an Excessive it can be almost impossible to make yourself take a break from your normal training routine -- even when you know you should.

If you are an Excessive

Your idea of giving your body a break is likely to be doing a brutal boot camp session instead of weight training or whatever is your usual workout.

If you are an Excessive, you will get the point I am trying to make. You might even be crazy enough to appreciate my using Excessive as a noun.

I might also suggest that you consider there being a growing evidence pointing to the wisdom and efficacy of a cross-training approach.

Standing on the edge of the cliff?

The opposite of an Excessive are the many, many folks still at the edge of the fitness abyss, and trying to work up enough courage to take the leap and start getting fit.

These folks tend to say their problem is they don't have enough time to take care of themselves. Okay, say I believe that (CLUE: I don't).

There are also those who are afraid to do anything with weights, or that requires using their bodies for anything requiring movement or effort.

Both those groups need to think about the following.

A martial art that yields a smoking hot body

I had not done yoga in the past. My wife and mother-in-law do, as do many of their friends. And so I have known for a long time that it works. Whenever people ask what you do to look so good, you usually know you are on the right track.

Just for fun I will tell you this:

My mother-in-law trains in a Buddhist temple. A lot of folks think anything related to the East must be exotic and have a whole bunch of esoteric attributes. My family consider it one of their martial arts. Momma has been doing them for 60 years, and began in temple.

Yoga Warrior 365 could be the perfect solution for beginners who do not want to feel awkward in a class. And also for long-time practitioners who know you can always learn something from a good teacher.

I ran across a bunch of info about the Yoga Warrior 365 system. It grabbed my attention and I spent way too much time going over the program.

So I figured if I had that much time invested, I might as well try it so I could write about the Yoga Warrio 365 system.

The attention-grabber in Yoga Warrior 365 for me was the instructor, Rudy Mettia. He is one of the top tier yoga teachers in, I am told, the Mecca of the American yoga scene, Santa Monica, California.

Rudy Mettia is an interesting guy. First, I don't think many men teach yoga, and he also is a US Marine veteran. And he has an unusual work history to include: policeman, bartender, personal trainer, and bouncer in Hollywood dive clubs.

However, since I am not experienced, I did not think I should review Yoga Warrior 365 beyond the basics.

I gave the 12 DVD program to a friend that has been doing yoga for several years. I asked him to review it. I gave no input or suggestions. He knows more about yoga than myself.

Below is Yoga Warrior 365 reviewed by John Asente

First let me thank you for the opportunity to view these videos. I enjoyed them very much.

The instructor, Rudy Mettia, teaches a Yoga based on the Iyengar school of Yoga, with a twist. I take both Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga.

The basic premise of Iyengar Yoga is the precision of the pose, and holding the pose for an extended amount of time.

Ashtanga Yoga is more of the "flow" or vinyasa type of Yoga movement done to raise the body temperature, and not so concerned about the exactness of the pose.

Mr. Mettia has blended his classes nicely between the two disciplines. A number of things he does very well is stressing breathing properly, stretching and safety.

Yoga, or loosely translated in English, Unity or Union, plays to the importance of mind-body awareness and how they interact with each other.

Mr. Mettia also talks about the anatomy and how important an understanding of anatomy is with Yoga. It is essential to have an understanding of what you are stretching / working, and why. I think this is very important just for the sake of safety alone.

As to the videos themselves, it was refreshing to see in them a wide range of skill level in the students he was instructing. A lot of Yoga videos have just the best, most flexible students in them, which isn't the best way to capture the home audience. Mr. Mettia also has a hands on approach with his students, helping them with their poses and giving individual students personal help.

Mr. Mettia seems to have a good rapport with his students. Calls them by name. Lightly teases some of them. He mentions their backgrounds, yoga history, personal facts, etc. He seems to know them well, making the home-student feel more comfortable, like they are in a real class.

Lastly, one of the things I personally liked was Mr. Mettia's nod to nutrition and how nutrition plays into everything we do in our lives. He also, and this was directed I am sure to his home audience, says to give yourself room to grow in your Yoga practice. Not everyone can do everything, and especially right out of the gate. Every person, and every BODY is different.

Yoga is a journey, not a destination. Namaste' John Asente

Thanks to John for his valuable input. If you are way into anything, you know how hard it is to impress a person who has expertise and loves and respects their art.

Is Yoga Warrior 365 an art form? And do you want to get into it?

At the links below are loads of freebies and information that will let you learn a lot before deciding if Warrior Yoga 365 is for you.

This is the facebook page.

Yoga Warrior 365 home page.

Online Yoga Community for full support, tips, wisdom at UDAYA YOGA

Cinta anda

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