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Don't Shoot the Messenger Change your Mindset

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Messages come to us in many different forms. When we understand the message we should take that as a sign of growth as it means we are listening and paying attention. However, when a message is being delivered too many people focus on everything but the message. So much so that they consume themselves with the messenger and other irrelevant things, such as, what kind of car this person drives, what they did 20 yrs ago, who they are sleeping with, how much they paid for their shoes, and so on. Before you know it a person has spent an hour focused on all the wrong things and has made no forward movement.


Throughout your career you will come across people who don’t practice what they preach but that’s okay because your drive and dedication shouldn't be built on finding faults in others. As a professional your only focus is to progress in your position and your industry and push to be better then you were before. It shouldn't matter if you like a person or not don't allow this to side track you from your goals or let it ruin your reputation and your image.

One of the characteristics that will help you to be great in anything you do is being able to listen to anyone and take what you can use. Even if it means distancing yourself form a person or organization; or bringing them closer to achieve your professional and personal goals.


"How can he tell me about getting to work on time when Tom is late every day"
"She has four kids, how is she going to tell me about staying a virgin"?

This kind of thinking gets a lot of people in trouble and can cause one to remain ideal and distracted, as well as, inflict depression, stress, and cause low self-esteem.

When I see a person consumed with the messenger this tells me that the consumer doesn't care about themselves enough to find the benefit in what’s being said to them or what’s going on around them and proceed in a way that promotes progress for themselves.

A person who cares about themselves and has their own best interest in mind will have a more emotionally controlled response that shows how the message will benefit them.


"You're right, I should be on time to work. It's not professional and it makes me look unreliable"
"You're right I should save myself for the man who really cares about me and respects my body"

In anything you do your concern should never be the messenger because the truth will always be the truth no matter who speaks it or who doesn't. We can't question whether or not the messenger is actually living the truth because the truth is, it doesn't matter.

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