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Don't retire; reenergize

Retirement: Have your cake and eat it too
Retirement: Have your cake and eat it too

The other day, I told my spiritual advisor that I was 65 years old. She corrected me: “You're not 65 years old; you're 65 years young.” She reminded me that you create your own reality. If you think you're old and that you're near the end of your life, you will feel old and will probably soon die. There is some scientific evidence to back this up. A 2005 study of thousands of petroleum workers who retired at 55 showed that they died younger than those who retired at 65. Also, a 2007 study of 16,000 Greeks found that retirees were 51 percent more likely to die than employed people of the same age.

Does this mean that you should avoid early retirement and work till you drop? No, it means that you just have to avoid the mindset and lifestyle of most retirees. Instead of thinking that you have a few years left to enjoy life and spend your time and energy on golf, tennis, cruises, or just sitting in front of a TV, adopt a mindset that you're beginning a new exciting life in which you will fulfill all the desires you've been putting off for years. Think of the end of your working days not as retirement but as reenergizing. Don't think of it as a rest as in rest in peace but as the rest as in the rest of what you desire to do with your life.

I recently read a life-transforming book: I'm Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams: I am. I am. I am. It changed the way I thought about what is possible and practical. I no longer think that I am limited by my circumstances and that my dreams will have to take a back seat to reality. I create my reality and if I desire to be a best-selling author, that desire, that dream, will eventually become my reality. I have dozens of other desires that will eventually be fulfilled before and after the reenergizing of the rest of my life.

I'm Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams has a very simple technique for manifesting desires. It works, even though the author Thomas Pauley uses negative words like want and need throughout instead of desire or require (see Conscious Language by Robert Tennyson Stevens). Desire would fit much better because it's a code word for “deity sires.” That is the fundamental truth that's behind the book and the reason why the technique works. God sires or impregnates your subconscious with the seed of a concept, whether it be a book, a work of art, a business, or a loving partner. You nurture this desire and eventually you give birth to it.

The technique involves writing down your desires in a notebook, leaving plenty of room for adding details, visualizing them manifesting as reality, and giving thanks. The notebook has a preamble in which you acknowledge God as the source of your desires and that your desires are for the greatest good of all concerned. You work with the notebook every day, rereading what you have written, adding details, visualizing, and giving thanks. You also act on your desires instead of expecting them to fall into your lap. If you desire the perfect mate, don't expect him or her to ring your doorbell some day. Become involved in activities that further your other desires. If you also desire to become a best-selling author, join a writers' group. You just might find your perfect mate there and you could coauthor a best-seller.

I'm Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams has many more details than could fit in a short article like this. Get the book to discover all the steps toward fulfilling the rest of your life, whether or not you're ready to reenergize.