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Don’t Put Up a Fight When It’s Not Right

Dating is such an evolutionary process. I know that confidence improves with age. I will say during my dating years of about 18 years old to 24 years old my love motto was I want you to love me. At 32 years old, my motto is I’m lovable. I genuinely believe either you love me or someone else will. At 32, I can truly empathize with some of the women I observe on Facebook attempting to stake their territory. However, I am no longer there.

Quite naturally, if you meet a suitable mate then you should be receptive. It is normal to do nice things for a person and express their importance to you. However, staking my territory is something I’m just not for. I have seen women flood their man’s timeline and tag him every other five minutes. To me that type of behavior shows extreme insecurity. Insecurity is not always an internal self esteem issue, but oftentimes a response to the type of man that you are with.

I have dated men who have played some extreme mental games. They would make snark comments that would in return cause me to over compensate. This is why I stated earlier that my old motto I want you to love me was very much relevant. I just did not date the type of dudes in my past that made me feel like a secure woman. It was basically me fighting for them not realizing that he should be doing the same.

Right now I don’t attempt to stake my territory. If he is into you, he is running to your territory voluntarily. If he wants to do things with and for you then you do not have to always make suggestions. If he appreciates you, then Valentine’s Day is not necessarily delegated to one day out of the year. It is all about meshing with the one who knows you’re a great woman and does everything not to lose you.

You have to love the ones who love you. There are women in their sixties still trying to tame devilish men. I just refuse to be in that number. I want what wants me. Life is too short to settle and be with someone who does not recognize your worth.

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