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Don't Panic, quick thinking and vast knowledge win at this party game

Don't Panic, the fast paced and quick wit party game
Don't Panic, the fast paced and quick wit party game
Goliath Games

Have you noticed that some people have vast knowledge at their fingertips. From world capitals to popular pizza toppings, the varied bits of information just flow. If you're ready to out your knowledge and quick wit to the test, get ready to play Don't Panic.

Don't Panic, distributed by Goliath Games, has been a popular party game abroad. Now available in US stores, this fast paced, quick thinking party game can produce laughs, competiton, and a little bragging rights.

The game can be played by individuals or teams. A minimum of two players or teams is required for the game. The goal is to exactly land on the finish line (over shooting the finish line is prohibited). Players must answer a question to determine how many spaces that they move. For example, a player might be asked how candy bars can you name. At the end of the prescribed time, the total number of answers is totaled to determine the spaces moved.

With 850 questions, the game never gets boring. A family could play this game for weeks and never repeat a question. The best part about playing the game is the answers. When a person doesn't know the answers, they can fake the crazy answer. The question becomes will the opponents know the truth. In all, the game is an entertaining way to see people's smarts and shortcomings.

Don't Panic is recommended for children ages 8 and up. It could be adapted for younger children if playing in teams. The game consists of a board, game pieces, questions, a spinner and time. The game is distributed by Goliath Games and can be purchased at a variety of retailers. Estimated retail price is $22.

Gather together family and friends and put their knowledge to the test. Don't Panic is the fun party game where nerves of steel and quirky knowledge bring success.

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