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Don't negotiate with Syrian criminal Assad

From The Guardian today we learn that John Kerry has accused Bashar al-Assad of stonewalling. Of course Assad is stonewalling, and so are the Russians and the Chinese. They favor harboring dictatorial and inhumane regimes like theirs over free world alternatives.

Kerry addressing Syria
Evan Vucci/AFP/Getty Images

Of course, in the situation of Syria, there is a problem. There is no free world alternative. WIthout strong intervention by a force in the Arab world that is also aligned with the free world, there is no alternative.

Negotiate what, and with whom? You don’t go to the negotiating table without their being credible parties at the table.

The reasons why the US attended is because the politics of the UN require a good faith effort toward peaceful resolution. That isn’t in the cards here.

America has a very big problem dealing with Russia. Russia should be front and center in American foreign policy attention.

“John Kerry accuses Bashar al-Assad of stonewalling in Syria peace talks

US secretary of state says Syria's president is 'trying to win on the battlefield' and aid from Russia is helping Assad dig in, Monday 17 February 2014 03.46 EST

John Kerry has accused the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, of stonewalling in peace talks and called on Russia to push its ally to negotiate with opposition leaders.

"Right now, Bashar al-Assad has not engaged in the discussions along the promised and required standard that both Russia spoke up for and the regime spoke up for," the US secretary of state said during a press conference in Jakarta with the Indonesian foreign minister, Marty Natalegawa.

Kerry said Assad's team had "refused to open up one moment of discussion" of a transitional government to replace Assad's regime.”

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