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Don’t miss this story of one special canine named Gipper!

Justice for Gipper
Justice for Gipper

Do you own a dog? Anyone that owns a dog understands the unconditional love a canine companion can provide. Dogs are understanding, kind and gentle. Dogs make us laugh when sometimes all we want to do is cry. Often they rescue us more than we rescue them. Dogs are amazing listeners and healers. It’s hard to imagine that one human being could be so cruel and malicious to a tender soul as Gipper.

Gipper’s Story

He was a homeless Rottweiler that came into Gulfstream Guardian Angels Rottweiler Rescue (GGARR). After great thought and screening by GGARR, he was adopted into a new home. Gipper was a gentle giant that new trust and loved life. The owner he grew to love turned and used that trust against him. Please read the story here and know that the wonderful volunteers of GGARR brought justice to Gipper by holding the owner accountable for his actions. It’s hard to move past such a tragic action, but rescuers need to continue to rescue and make a difference in the lives of others by connecting needy dogs with people searching for a new best friend. One bad owner doesn’t have to spoil the whole bushel.

GGARR Rescues

GGARR is a non-profit in South Florida. An all-volunteer organization that rescues the Rottweiler breed, GGARR needs donations, volunteers and support. Please visit their website to learn more about rescuing a Rottweiler or helping out through volunteering or donating.

Rescue work can be challenging and rewarding. Saving the lives of dogs is the easy part. Screening potential adopters to evaluate who will be the best home is the hard part. When something like Gipper’s story occurs we look within and point blame. The best thing to do is keep your hands and hearts open. Continue to rescue more in honor of that one. Never let your spirits get you down. Look up for the strength to turn a tragedy into a blessing. Look for what is to be learned from the situation and what can we teach others to honor a dog as magnificent as Gipper? Love surrounds us in all forms. Dogs like Gipper leave permanent footprints on our hearts and in our lives forever. Have you found love in rescuing a pet?

When you’re passionate and committed, you can do anything. Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing this article with others. Please share any comments, story, and event ideas with me at

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