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Don't Miss This Great New Tool For Finding Cheap Cruise Deals

Cruise Ships in Port
Cruise Ships in Port
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Don't you just love a getting a bargain price on your upcoming vacation? We all work too hard to risk paying top dollar when others are scooping up bargain deals. You'll be glad to know there's a new online cruise shopping tool that reveals the most dramatic price reductions from major cruise lines.

Price Drop is the new cruise shopping tool launched by, the most popular cruise review site on the web. Their new tool scans all price reductions by major cruise lines as compared to the fares they were charging one week earlier. While some sites quote price reduction percentages off of the inflated brochure prices, Price Drop reveals how dramatic the current reduction is over what the cruise was selling for one week ago. Shoppers are able to search by cruise line, destination, month of travel, cruise length, cabin type and price drop percentage.

The best feature in my view is the ability to set a cruise watch email notification. Just like the popular airfare watchdogs, this feature will send you an email once a week with updates based on the cruise preferences you have selected.

Price Drop and Cruise Critic should definitely be your first stop when shopping for a cruise. Not only will you find deeply discounted cruises, but you'll also have access to current reviews by their robust community of avid cruisers.