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Don't miss 'The Good Mistress' tonight on Lifetime

Lifetime Movie
Lifetime Movie

Tonight is a great new Lifetime movie of the week. This one is called "The Good Mistress." On Feb. 15, News Observer shared about this new movie that will be on tonight. The main character is this movie will move to a new town to take a job and then everything changes in her life. You can see the preview on Lifetime.

The preview starts with her getting pulled over and being asked if she has been drinking. Spoilers say that she does struggle with a problem with alcohol. She did have a tragic accident in the past.

She will meet a new guy as she moves into town. He is obviously very into her, but then she finds out that he is the husband of the one friend she has in town. This is her friend Karen from high school that she actually moved to town because of and now this could cause problems. She will have to keep her mouth quiet and decide what to do next.

Don't miss "The Good Mistress" tonight on Lifetime at 7 p.m. CST in the Oklahoma City area.

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