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Don’t miss the Browns game – get free HDTV on your terms

In the Cleveland area (and I suspect other areas as well) football fans may have to go without watching the Browns play the Steelers this weekend. The biggest rivalry of all times – not on TV. WTH??? Seems Direct TV (NASDAQ:DTV) and Raycom can’t come to terms, so, bottom line, local fans may miss the big game.

An alternative to being held captive by your satellite provider
by Doug Bardwell -

With Sunday football getting ready to start, you wouldn’t want to find yourself suddenly without cable or dish would you? Didn’t think so.

Time to be proactive and get an indoor HDTV antenna to make sure you can always receive your local TV programming. I’m using the RCA Ultra-thin multi-directional indoor amplified HDTV antenna now with my Vizio monitor and it’s working extremely well. No setup – no subscription – no monthly fees.

Only 11” by 13” and paper thin, this 1/3 pound antenna can hang just about anywhere. It’s even made white on one side and black on the other so you can mount it either way – whichever is least conspicuous.

The model I’m using, ANT1150F, comes with an amplifier to boast the signals. Simply plug it into a nearby USB port and it’s powered up. The only other connection is to plug the coax into your digital-ready TV. There’s 12 feet of coax so you should be able to install it wherever you want.

Here, in a remote little township, 25 miles south of Cleveland, I can still pull in 18 stations – exactly the same as I got before with a much larger and bulkier HD antenna. This makes me pretty happy.

Check it out online and get ready for some totally free television.

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