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Don't miss out on love riding the subway

Girl riding NYC subway
Girl riding NYC subway
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Over 1.1 million people in NY travel by subway daily. With so much traffic coming through the stations and subway cars, it’s not crazy to think that you might find a prospective date or meet your soul mate on the train.

That being said, don’t let technology distract you from Mr. or Mrs. Right. As a society we have been overwhelmed with social media and apps that keep us occupied our entire train ride. Though it’s nice to pass the time on the train with fun games, a book or even some music, don’t become so caught up that you don’t notice the people around you.

Ladies, men are extremely simple creatures and if you’re totally engrossed in your phone and seem unapproachable, you might have just missed your future hubby. Keep your music loud enough to hear the songs but low enough to have a conversation. Look up from your mobile, book or tablet once in a while. Make yourself open to potential suitors.

Gentlemen, don’t be afraid to strike up conversation with a woman on the train. Compliment her on something; make a funny joke, whatever it takes to break the ice. Make sure to move fast but with confidence. Get in and get out, your goal being to exchange information. You don’t know what stops she’s getting off on and you don’t want to lose her to, “…stand clear of the closing doors…”.

Dating in NY doesn't have to be as hard as some people make it out to be. You just have to use the cities staples to your advantage.


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