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Don’t Miss Chesapeake Crimes “Homicidal Holidays”

Cover of Chesapeake Crimes "Homicidal Holidays"
Cover of Chesapeake Crimes "Homicidal Holidays"
Cover provided to media for use

The Chesapeake Chapter of Sisters in Crime's sixth anthology of short stories, “Homicidal Holidays” will be available October 7th. The editorial panel who selected the books include: Christina Freeburn, John Gilstrap and Alan Orloff. The coordinating editors were: Donna Andrews, Barb Goffman and Marcia Talley.

Rhys Bowen wrote the introduction and in it she states, “One thing I've learned during a long career as a writer is a good short story is one of the hardest things to write. To capture mood, character, tension, and a satisfying climax in a few pages requires more skill than having the luxury of a novel to get things right.”

The Chesapeake Chapter of Sisters in Crime is full of award winning authors. In addition to the best-selling author Donna Andrews, there are Agatha, Anthony, Derringer and Macavity award winners. Many of the stories in their previous anthologies have been nominated and won short story awards. I wouldn't be surprised to see many from this anthology be nominated in the future.

The topic of “Homicidal Holidays” is ripe for the imagination.

Barb Goffman – Groundhog Day – “The Shadow Knows” offers a humorous mystery about a groundhog who always sees his shadow and prolongs winter for all of us.

Rosemary and Larry Mild – Valentine’s Day – “Seeing Red” is a story about infidelity and revenge.

E.B. Davis – President’s Day “Compromised Circumstances” provides a moral tale about something that happened in 1979.

Shaun Taylor Bevins – St. Patrick’s Day – “I Will Survive” addresses how far you should go to protect yourself or a friend.

Cathy Wiley – Talk Like a Pirate Day – “Dead Men Tell No Tales” features street actors with a clever plot.

Art Taylor – Halloween – “Premonition” is a master class in how to create tension.

Shari Randall – Halloween - “Disco Donna” looks at the mystery of a girl that died when she was in high school.

Meg Opperman – Halloween “Monster Party” is a disturbing tale about a family and an old friend.

Carla Coupe – Halloween - “Shadow Boxer,” set in an art gallery, offers an intriguing twist.

Timothy Bentler-Jungr – Halloween – “Last Rights” is a poignant tale about an estranged son and his mother.

Linda Lombardi – Christmas – “Hoppy Holidays” is set in a zoo where employees still have to work on Christmas feeding the animals.

Debbi Mack – Christmas – “Jasmine” is a haunting mystery centering on a rape victim.

Clyde Linsley – Christmas – “Sauce for the Goose” offers a clever mystery with neighbors who are the complete opposites.

Donna Andrews – Christmas – “A Christmas Trifle” features Donna’s beloved Meg Langslow in a mystery involving a drama queen cat.

The anthology offers a mystery for everyone, there are stories that are funny, sad, terrifying and thought provoking. I’d love for you to share with me your favorites.

This is a great book to give for any holiday.

Five stars out of five.
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