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Don't Mess With Texas (or Oklahoma)

Recently I received an email from a member of a Tea Party group. The heading was "Oklahaoma May Just Be The Place To Live". Why? Here are some of the reasons listed.

Oklahoma passed a bill, HR 1330, that allowed them to place the 10 Commandments on the front entrance to the state capitol. It is being done with private money and the ACLU is upset.

Oklahoma passed HB 1804 which requires all illegal immigrants to be incarcerated and ship them back where they came from unless they get a green card and become an American citizen.

HJR 1003 was passed by Oklahoma which declares Oklahoma as a sovereign state, not under the control of Federal Government directives. They rightly stated that the Federal Government was created as an agency of the states, not the other way around.

I verified all these bills. They are legitimate. You may not agree, but too many people look to the Feds to do everything when in reality their powers were defined and limited.

Where does Texas come in? Some of the latest news show that Governor Perry does not want the Presidents healthcare. He also made a statement about seceding from the union. I don'y know if he was serious, but he was reflecting the mindset of many Texas voters. They also are working on a States Rights resolution.

It reminded me of the time in 1976 when I went to the Republican Convention as a TV reporter for a local TV station. Conventions are always exciting and always fun. Texas didn't disappoint!

If you remember, Governor Reagan was challenging then President Ford for the Republican nomination. Ford had the convention sown up. The chairman called the roll call of states to allow them to cast their votes. The roll call was in alphabetic order.

By the time the roll call got to Texas, President Ford had enough delegate votes to be nominated. The Texas delegation was disappointed and frustrated. The chairman asked "How does the delegation from the great state of Texas cast their vote?" The chairman of the Texas delegation proudly announced a unanimous vote for Roger Staubach!  As you may know, Roger was the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys!

Don't mess with Texas!


  • Panic Nation 5 years ago

    Stumbled upon your article, if you get a chance check out Panic Nation is a documentary film over the effects of House Bill 1804

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