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Don’t let your face melt

Summer is unfortunately not down time for most of us. We might dream of spending summer days relaxing by a pool with a tall cool drink. The reality is we still have to get up and go to work. We need to look professional, when just a short walk across the parking lot can fell like walking through a sauna.

A light touch of shimmer and minimal makeup will keep you looking fabulous and prevent summer face melt down. Even in 90-degree temperatures with high humidity you still need an eye cream and a moisturizer. Apply either a tinted moisturizer or a sunscreen with a SPF of at least 30. Using a light touch in applying summer makeup is critical. The goal is a natural look that will last though the day.

Dab concealer on shadows and blemishes.
Apply a light dusting of a slightly iridescent transparent face powder with a brush.
Apply a bronzing powder to the checks, under the brow and on the earlobes.
Apply a longwearing cream or powder eye shadow in a neutral shade on the eyelids.
For a special summer evening purple or turquoise eye shadow will give your eye and extra touch of glamour. If you feel you can’t face the world without eyeliner – use either liquid or cake eyeliner and apply with a very fine brush. Experiment with shades of teal and royal blue.
Apply non-water proof mascara to your lashes first than apply waterproof mascara on top.
Line your lips with a lip pencil and fill in with a gloss. Hot summer lip colors are hot pink and coral.

Keep a package of oil-blotting paper in your purse to blot sweat and keep you looking cool throughout the day.

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