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Don't let vacuuming bring you down, try the cordless Gtech AirRam

This revolutionary cordless vacuum is a giant leap forward into cleaning technology. Lightweight, super-efficient and highly flexible, the Gtech AirRam from Grey Technology makes quick work of any hard surface or carpeted floor.

This lightweight, cordless vac will outperform most other corded vacs
by Doug Bardwell

I met the inventor Nick Grey at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show and was very impressed with not only their products but their design philosophy as well. They were rated as fastest growing cordless brand in the UK in 2012 and now their products are being shipped throughout the US from right nearby in Fairfield, Ohio.

AirRam upright vacuum

While I’m not an industry specialist in vacuums, I’ve done my share of pushing and pulling uprights, canister vacs and even ill-conceived hand vacs all over our home. You could sum up my experience in two words, “NO thanks.”

Many times I’ve suggested to my wife that we get away for a quick trip here or there. Usually the first thing that comes back is “Let’s quickly clean up the house before we go.” Translating that into guy-speak, it means “Go vacuum the house and we’ll talk when you’re done.” Wish I had an AirRam years ago. It would have certainly shortened the time to departure.

From the first time I took it out of the box, I was pleasantly surprised how light it was. Literally, I can carry it with my little finger (don’t know why you would want to, but you could.) Plug it into a wall outlet and within 4 hours, it’s fully charged. One charge should last up to 40 minutes, plenty of time to do our three bedroom home. You can buy an additional battery if you like, but I’m guessing most people will never need it.

We don’t have any pets in our home, but this unit is supposedly wonderful for extracting pet hairs from carpet and furniture. Yes, it’s light enough to pick up and do your sofas or stairs.

Get ready to be surprised

Once you turn on the AirRam, you are in for a number of surprises:

· First, this thing almost pulls itself across the floor – all you need to do is twist the handle to effortlessly steer it left, right or straight.

· It is so quiet by comparison to anything I’ve ever used before – battery or electric powered.

· Powerful is hardly the word – amazing is more like it. This thing picks up everything – the first time. No more running a vac back and forth multiple times to pick something up. With the brushes spinning at 3,000 RPM, this thing grabs the first time and doesn’t let go.

· No levers or switches to adjust as you go from carpet to hardwood to vinyl to area rugs. Just keep moving, it works fine with no settings to change. That saves a lot of hassle.

· Lays out almost flat while you are vacuuming, so you can clean under most furniture without moving it. By folding it open all the way flat, you can then easily hang it in a small compact space, saving lots of room for other cleaning supplies.

· It has excellent edge cleaning capabilities so it really grabs things along your baseboards.

· And when you are done, you simply empty out what appear to be two small compressed brickettes of dirt into your trash can. Takes about 10 seconds to empty. No bags – couldn’t be simpler. Once a month, you rinse out the flat filter, let dry and replace.

Why not?

If anyone is in the market for a vacuum, you seriously must consider this Gtech AirRam. Lighter in weight, yet outperforms anything I’ve seen. The unit comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee – they even pay the freight – so there is absolutely nothing to lose. If you’re like me, after 30 days they couldn’t pry it out of my fingers.

The Gtech AirRam is available through Brookstone and comes with free shipping. The AirRam is also covered by a two year warranty.

As Nick says, “Everything you hate about vacuuming – Gone!”

This product is has been awarded the Senior Citizen’s Thumbs-Up rating on Check the Senior’s page for more recommended products for those 65 and up.

Doug Bardwell, based in Cleveland, OH, writes about interesting new travel technology topics, across the country and around the world at Feel free to drop him a line at with suggestions for future products to be reviewed. If you've ever used one of the products he's reviewed, please leave your thoughts in the comment box below. To get his stories delivered to your inbox, click the RSS feed or the "Subscribe" button above or follow him on Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. To read Doug’s disclosure notice, click here.

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