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Don't let those bacon drippings go to waste. Homemade bacon-mayo: Baconaise!

Sinful, decadent, aromatic, desirable, tantalizing… Bacon. That one perfect food that man can share with his best friend. Bacon. As it cooks, the smell permeates clothes filling the air with a smell you wish would never wash away. Bacon. The name rolls off the tongue of young and old alike and makes you wonder what great deed Kevin Bacon’s ancestors must have performed to earn that eternal namesake. Bacon.

Upcycle that good fat!
Upcycle that good fat!
Chris Tice

But we mustn’t dwell on the name, preparation, or greatness of bacon because something much more disastrous is happening within the millions of bacon-making households across this great land. Waste. Bacon grease that forms at the bottom of our pans and broilers is being wasted and I for one have shared the blame.

That wonderful essence born from the bacon itself has been placed in the waste grease cans of my fridge and thrown out for years, but I have recently changed my ways. Ways to use that flavorful byproduct in scrambled eggs and substitutions for fat in cornbread recipes, but it’s not enough. Still leftover bacon grease is tossed, but a way to save that flavor while not totally clogging arteries has arrived.


1 egg yolk (it's raw but the vinegar and lemon will take care of that)
1/2 teaspoon fine salt
1/2 teaspoon dry mustard
Sprinkle of sugar
2 teaspoons lemon juice
1 tablespoon white vinegar
1 cup bacon grease, top off with olive oil if needed

  • Use a mixer with the whisk attachment because you will be beating the crap out of this.
  • Using a large bowl pour half the lemon juice and vinegar into the yolk and start whisking.
  • Add a few splashes of oil and let it thicken a bit, then stream the oil till half is incorporated.
  • Add the rest of the lemon and vinegar and keep streaming the oil till all in.
  • Once thickened let sit uncovered for an hour then refrigerate.

A little baconnaise on your sandwich not only adds a lot of flavor but also makes those healthy ingredients: lettuce, tomato, cucumber, etc. more delicious. Sure it makes a burger better too but come on there's bacon in it. And not only is it great to eat but easy to make.

Uncooked egg yolks are involved in this recipe, but the emulsifying action of vinegar and lemon juice disables the harmful effects of this small amount.

Diets claim fat content is to blame for weight gain but a body needs certain amounts of fat to survive. Exercise and regulating nutritional intake is the only way to defeat the fat gain but how do you combat the chemical menace? Companies fill the fat void with chemicals and salt and call it healthy but it’s likely to cause more concerns than the fat itself. Knowing what is in your food by making it yourself is the best way to take your life back. Viva la resistance!

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