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Don't let these three life events halt your fitness


 Getting married doesn't have to end exercise. Try to stay active with your partner.  AP Photo/CBS, Monty Briton
There are three big life events that significantly alter and sometimes halt most people's fitness routine.  Odds are against you to stay fit if you have recently left academia for a full time job, gotten married, or had children.  These three events can change a person's life, but that doesn't mean exercising or being active must be given up. 
Transition to full time work
Many college students are very active at their university recreational center.  They are also surrounded by peers who are interested in similar activities like group exercise and intramurals.  The transition out of college might mean changing your workout time to early in the morning before work, during your lunch break, or after work.  The goal should be to schedule in a workout time since you may no longer have the luxury to go in between classes.  Find a group at work that is interested in working out together during lunch.  If you have stairs at work, take a 5 minute break every hour to walk up and down the stairs.  Do a couple push-ups in your office every hour to keep the blood flowing and wake yourself up.
Getting married
Many people have witnessed the additional "happy weight" couples put on after they get married.  Many married couples become comfortable staying at home in eachother's's company and opt out of going to exercise.  Continue to enjoy eachother's company while you play tennis together, take a walk, join a softball team, go on a bike ride through your neighborhood, or have a conversation while on cardio equipment.  If watching TV together is big thing, most gyms have cardio machines equipped with televisions.  If exercise with your spouse isn't an option, then schedule some time to exercise on your own because your continued good health is good for the marriage.  One spouse's dedication to fitness can sometime be enough to get the other interested.
Having children
It is common for new parents to feel like they get a lot of exercise chasing children around the house, especially since they feel so tired at the end of the day.  The reality is that most new parents are very fatigued from the lack of sleep that accompanies a new child.  Try to take your child with you for a walk outside.  There are great running strollers to aid parents in staying fit outdoors with children.  Try a home DVD workout while your child is asleep.  If noise might be an issue, try a yoga or Pilate's DVD workout.
Remember that although these life events can be huge and may alter your regular life, you still need to manage your fitness.  Managing your fitness might mean trying a new type of exercise, changing the time of day you workout, getting an exercise partner, increasing/decreasing the duration of your workout, or exercising in a new place.


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