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Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good


  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    I predicted this response (to myself).
    I don't agree with all the nay-sayers, but then again, I don't see the need for a DAO with no manual safeties and a round in battery all the time. If your job requires this, then I hope you've had lots of training (more than most police, it seems, if a couple of magazines are required for one unarmed man reaching for his keys.) and you might as well carry an M-4 or M-85 or Serbu all the time.
    Maybe consider a change in jobs, if the stress of always being a tenth of a second away from a life-or-death extended firefight is too much for you.
    A .380 or even a .22 is enough for most defensive carry situations -most within 3 or 4 meters, and most hoods won't gamble on a couple of holes not hurting them (they're like dogs: lots of bravado, but they're huge cowards at heart). Remember also that in most defensive situations, simply showing you're armed is enough. Again, if you need 20 rounds of .45 for your defensive carry, get an AK.

    If this satisfies the idiotic laws for "safe storage" or fits your situation, then it's better than the alternatives.
    If you practice with them and the double-rack, then it'll be habitual. If you keep one in the chamber and practice as if you carry it with none in, so you always rack it once, then you're OK too.

  • URU 5 years ago

    We're not talking about high-school meth heads here who will pee themselves at the sound of a loud fart. We're talking criminals who we must assume are armed and dangerous. If you're planning on threatening them into compliance, sell your guns and wait for the cops... Most of the B&E-ers out there are the repeat offenders, many of whom have seen jail time and who sneer to put it mildly, at the civilian populace. You try to threaten them and you just gave some perp a gun, unless YOU train or are a cowboy-action style speedshooting champion. I'll say it again, sell your guns and wait for the cops.

    If you don't see the need for a hot DAO, I can respect your personal choice, but it means you train better than the police who get shot forgetting to remove the safeties on their SA semis(1911's, Rugers, S&Ws, you name it). There are comic numbers of them. I carry tupperware, all the time (except where they'll search me and I shouldn't otherwise be carrying).

    I also carry one in the chamber, but because Glocks really are superior to most other handguns made (for combat/defensive scenarios), I can carry one chambered in a totally inert gun. In otherwords the Glock cannot fire no matter how hard you pull the trigger, 'cause the firing mechanism isn't engaged. Have one of us 'over the top' high-cap DAO carriers show you some time. I then have a ridiculously fast (one-handed if necessary) quarter-cock to execute in order to bring a full-hot weapon to bear. Because I train however, I usually carry Condition 1.

    If I'm in a situation where I believe I can talk or brawl my way out, I'm not presenting a gun. Remember one of the old-school rules of gun safety: Don't point your weapon at anything you're not ready to destroy. I'll say it again, because the attitude is so moronically unsafe: If you're planning on threatening your way into getting a perp to leave, SELL ALL YOUR GUNS AND WAIT FOR THE COPS TO I.D. YOUR BODY. That way you won't give perps guns to use on me and my family. Thanks for your conscientious citizenship :)

    Also, if you carry SA with a safety, and you remove your safety after you've brought your weapon to bear, you're breaking one of the fundamental rules of gun safety (don't point your gun at anything you're not willing to kill), and it means you're hesitating in your head whether or not to shoot. You should not have drawn your gun! You are not a cop, I'm guessing, and NOT that they're the end-all, be-all by ANY means. The consequences of you, as a civilian, pointing your empty gun, much less a Condition 1 weapon at any target you don't subsequently shoot in justifialble defense of yourself or another person is that you are guilty in most jurisdictions of a Class A Misdemeanor, and can be charged with a felony by anybody who cares to pres charges. WHAT THE HELL are you doing pointing loaded guns at people? Either shoot the perp or do something else...

    Or, allow me to revert to my prior suggestion and wait for the cops because
    1) You have implied that you would point loaded guns at people who you don't intend to shoot in justifiable selfe defense
    2) You state that you would engage in activities statistically likely to leave your dead body in your home and your loaded, functional firearms in the hands of criminals
    3) If you want to be technical, you're worried about mag capacity which means that you needed more than twice the magazine capacity of a standard 1911 to 'stop the action' (remember, we as civilians can't shoot to 'kill' without incurring the wrath of the police :) ) in a combative/defensive situaion

    Sell your guns and go get martial arts training. They can't take that off your corpse and use it on the next victim.

    The only place I agree with you is in your statement about caliber, and not because of the pain it will cause. A .22 will kill a human being as readily as a .45 ACP or a 50 BMG if you can aim a weapon and hit what you aim at within a few feet of you. *sigh* if Only Glock made a .22 :)

  • URU 5 years ago

    Haha. Dan, Glasers are safety bullets. They stop like hell in first, and usually only the first, body (or wall) they meet. It seems like there are 2 thrusts to your article, and assuming that I'm not reading too much into it, i'd like to address them both:

    Remember the Tueller Drill (21 feet or less and the pros can't bring a loaded, live weapon to bear before the oppostion has closed and can make a killstrike with a bladed weapon, and we're not talking an Olympic sprinter). If your wife's at home with the kids, she should be carrying hot too, and then hope that in a panic she remembers the house layout (why are females, stereotypically, so bad at this under stress?), and can get around a corner or bring a weapon to bear in time. Unless she trains at the range to rack twice before speed shooting, she'll fail to do so in a stress situation, and will get herself and/or your kids killed, raped, injured, or at the very best scared half to death.

    I've made the argument in Dave Codrea's columns, I'll make it here: We're Americans, which equals we're Lazy. Trying to get yet another step in a stress firing drill? Not likely, methinks. Unlikely enough that we, as Americans, even practice stress firing. There are few enough opportunities to safely practice stress firing as it is (you have to suddenly and unexpectedly draw a weapon and hit a designated target within 3 seconds or you're 'dead'. In the middle of something else.).

    Clearly, children meeting untimely deaths due to family firearms is horrible. How do we prevent this? Teach them. Train them in firearms safety, familiarize them with guns so they can understand that all guns are to be treated as loaded unless the weapon is cleared. Next, they are to NEVER toy with the family guns (they're loaded, remember?) and that there will be an ass-whooping of EPIC proportions if the rules are broken, even if by their friends. Getting their hides tanned for a buddy's mistake will likely ensure that they keep their friends away from the gun rack/safe/wall.

    And for the bleeding heart morons out there, make the quick comparison: 1)Self Defense versus waiting for the cops? 2)Ignorant kids who are a danger to themselves and others (Statistically still ridiculously unlikely to occur, but the entire reason for 'kids hurt themselves with guns, so guns are bad'...) versus trained kids who know they will recieve severe consequences short of bodily disfigurement for breaking the rules...

    Alternatively, either make them play elsewhere or insist that the kids that come over to your house to play ALSO know and can practice gun safety. Get permission from the other kids' parents to take them to the range and bring the parents along while you're at it in order to get them learned up while you're doing it. Unrealistic? Well, honestly, so is the all too Liberal myth that all kids will always grow up in total safety and comfort.

  • JR Bailey Public Policy Examiner 5 years ago

    Hello Uru,

    My, my, my, but aren't we just the 'perfect person'?

    I've generally agreed with most of your previous posts and in fact, the general consensus of the two above, but allow me to point out one glaring caveat: in both responses you illustrate yourself to be an elitist, arrogant, ass!

    YOU may be in perfectly good health, but neither I nor MILLIONS of others in the USA happen to be in good health. While I am not yet in a wheel chair, MILLIONS of others are, and my health is such that 'brawling' is wholly OUT of the question!

    Being physically impaired, out of personal savings (after 6 years) and finding it virtually impossible to find anyone who is willing to hire someone with my impairments, I CAN'T afford to buy a membership to he range, or the gas to drive the 40 miles to the range, OR afford at current prices to buy 100 rounds a week to 'stay up to snuff' in the BILLION 'drills' you so off handedly state that 'everyone' should engage in on a 'regular basis'.

    YOU may be well heeled enough to either buy retail or to afford to reload that many rounds (or more) each week, but neither I nor MILLIONS of other handgun owners are able to shell out dollars we simply do NOT have!

    Your solution?

    "Sell your guns and wait for the cops to identify your body."

    Allow me to say this again sir: YOU are an elitist, arrogant, ASS!

    Just because I'm not physically and financially able to live up to YOUR preconceived standards (and those of other elitist, arrogant, asses in the myriad shooting serials), according to you I should just up and die or wait for someone else to forcefully 'depart me' from this mortal coil?

    How truly empathetic, sympathetic, and humane of you. Perhaps you've been too busy at your Bund meetings to actually understand that outside of your heavily narcissistic world, OTHER PEOPLE aren't doing as well as you?

  • JR Bailey Public Policy Examiner 5 years ago


    Lastly, having re-read my previous post, allow me to add a couple more tidbits which may hopefully enter your bigoted/unrealistic head:

    Contrary to your Glock hedonism, allow me to point out that I know people who still use SA Six-Shooter cowboy style revolvers for their home defense!

    Like my Great Gramma used to say: "Ya does with what ya has, if ya don't then ya can't.", ie, "Make do with what you have and make it work. If you don't have you can't make the non-existent work for you."

    It may well be nice for you and millions of others to just 'decide' to go out and buy brand new a Glock (which by the way, subjectively speaking, is one of the ugliest guns ever produced. Great operation, just down right bu t t ugly), SIG, $900 S and W 300 series revolver, or take your pick of handguns ranging from $300-$9000, but most of us (as is my case) are still happy to just have our 5, 10, or even 15 year old revolvers/pistols to use in self-defense, and hopefully we can buy a new box or the reload goodies to reload 50 rounds every 3 months or so.

    Contrary to your world, the rest of us whom actually live in the Real World can't afford to just smile nice at the cashier, plop down the plastic and walk (or wheel in many cases) out the door of the store with 500 or a 1000 rounds of new ammo (or the high priced powders, primers, bullets, and cases to reload that many rounds).

    What do we do? We keep our weapons clean as possible. We do dry drills in our homes or backyards as far as our bodies and health will allow us. We try to research as much information so that we can at least intellectually understand the theories behind the practices and then do mental drills to try to incorporate those theories into mental practice.

    This is what those of us physically and or financially impaired people in the REAL WORLD are doing on a daily/weekly basis.

    WE are not condemning people who can't live up to our expectations: those without guns but who want them (and are legally able to own and use them, but can't afford the prices). WE are not engaging in elitist arrogance, acting like snobbish asses towards those not living at our standards.

    WE aren't the ones telling those people they should just 'croak it' or let someone else 'croak them' since they can't live 'up' to our standards.

    WE who are physically impaired will leave that 'vaunted echelon' of superiority to reside with narcissistic people like you Uru: the reason is clear; we who are limited by either our bodies and/or our pocketbooks understand that not everyone is able to engage in the 'proper standards' set by our 'betters' in the gun world.

    We are perhaps not as good on the range as you, or can do the drills in any sense of near proficiency as you, nor can we shoot anywhere nearly as often as you, but quite frankly, I have no doubt whatsoever that we are MUCH closer to our humanity than are you.

    I'll choose my humanity over your elitist arrogance any day: and I'll warrant, so would the vast majority in situations similar to my own.

    We have just as much right to 'life and liberty' as you Uru, and like Heston said....'from my cold dead hands...", and that includes anyone telling me and those like me to just give up and die-just to make your self indulged view of the world a 'neater place' in which to delude yourselves.

    Cheers from a Cripple who refuses to just fall down and die or give up his guns.

  • JohnF(Boulder,Co) 5 years ago

    In this new setup, the word recognition doesn't appear on this first [comment] option. Only after you [add comment] once, it'll come back and tell you you forgot to fill out the word recognition bit.
    It was I who posted the first comment here, above. (so I missed having to re-enter my name)

    I'll second some of the comments about elitism in the tone of URU's reply. I'll also submit that there's a little bit of the "only ones" mentality.

    And I was citing facts about defensive gun uses: the drill about drawing and printing good hits on a 6-7 meter target are important, but especially because most shootings happen in such situations. If you don't have a hot DAO and the drilled-in readiness to assess the situation and act in less than a tenth second, then maybe you're right, but nothing will save you.
    I was also citing facts that in most defensive gun uses, no shot is fired. I know, that leaves a lot of paperwork for the "only ones", and maybe it'd be neater to have let them inside the threshold before you've killed them. (alternately, let them have a few swings at you, so you've got some defensive marks)
    If it's the position of most prosecutors that a civilian who shows a gun to a mugger is committing a crime, while waiting for them to hit you a couple of times before shooting them is more likely to let you off, maybe we need to start teaching the mindset that you pull only to kill .1second after. If the bad guy starts to turn to run away, shoot him before he's turned his back -NOT AFTER.

    Also for the "only ones" types, remember US DOJ facts that in DGUs, civilians are less than 20% as likely as the "only ones" to use guns wrongly or cause undue harm.

    And about the sure-fire tupperware that the "only ones" are so proficient in safely using, tell it to the classroom full of kids that DEA agent accidentally shot himself in front of, idly touching his tupperware. A concealed carrier with a little Keltec "P" series DAO did the same in a hospital admin paperwork waiting room here recently.

  • Ed 5 years ago

    if the safety of you or your family is threatened to the point where a violent response is necessary and justified, draw the weapon and shoot until the threat is no longer present. Reload if necessary. No more needs to be said, before, during, or after the event. You are not participating in a debate or shouting match, or demonstrating that you are more effective at threatening. It does not matter whether the rounds are .22 short or .45 ACP, solid point or hollow point, ball, shot or slug, the weapon a semiautomatic pistol, revolver, derringer, rifle or shotgun. Use whatever tool you have on hand that you can use to good effect. State to the responding authority that the safety of you or your family was threatened and that your lawyer will respond beyond that statement. Make sure that you and your family are the survivors, so that you can live with the aftereffects.

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