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Don't Let The Medical Field Kill You Eat Organic: PartII

The Negative Effects Of Pesticides
The Negative Effects Of Pesticides
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Organic eating has always been known for it's health benefits and it's beauty remedies if consistency is put in place. In Part I of this 5 story series, I touched on the many ways that our foods are being poisoned in local supermarkets. I also gave a clear perspective of the connection between disease and the domino effect that takes place when we eat foods that are full of antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides. This connections falls into the laps of the FDA, USDA, affiliates, and Medical Authorities ill responsibility of not giving people an honest understanding of the detrimental results that these poisoned foods have on those who ingest them. In this article, I will give you a list of diseases affiliated with the ingestion of the above additives that have been injected in and sprayed on the foods in the local supermarkets, and how to cleanse yourself from these diseases.

As mentioned in the first article, the above additives are affiliated with diseases like Cancer, ADHD, Chronic Digestive Problems, MAD Cow Disease, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and many more debilitated diseases, these are only a few. Let's begin with the effects of pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides. The dosage that is being sprayed on our foods, and the results that come with them. It is a known fact that any dosage of either of the three are lethal after long periods of time being ingested. Based on a study done by the FDA, more than 1055 pesticides and insecticides are being used in our foods during it's actual production stage inclusive to animal feed. That means more than 2 billion tons of poison is being sprayed and injected into our foods every year. See ( As a result, the residue is usually visible on the food or still present inside of the food that you eat. An example of pesticides on your fruits and vegetable would in comparison to spraying roach spray on an apple or any other fruit or vegetable that you eat. It is mentioned in a study done by the FDA that if residue levels are above legal standards being domestic or imported that the food being tested should be removed from commerce. But the big question is, why put the America people at risk, while there are much safer ways to to produce and farm? The answer is that the medical field benefits from sick people tremendously, and no matter how you look at the situation being put before us, in terms of toxic additives being sprayed and injected into our food people are going to get sick, need medical attention and die as a results of.

So how do you take precaution from these wolves in sheep clothing? I have a number of ways in which you can do such. The list is as follows:

1. Eat organically, and make sure that the foods that are in your local supermarkets are grown %100 organically.

2. Make sure that if you are going to eat meat it comes from an organic farm and feeds organically, if the animal is sick, there is no antibiotic that will make it well enough fore you to eat it.

3. Sign petitions, and get involved with your local government to make sure he/she is doing what they need to do to make sure that the foods in you local supermarkets are safe.

4. Know who is coming into your neighborhood and selling you food. Do they care about your community, do they live in your community do they eat the food that they are selling you?

5. Read the labels on your food. What's in it?

6. Make food choice suggestions to your local grocery.

7. Plant your own organic garden.

8. Go to your local farmers market.

9. Suggest that the food in your local markets be from local farmers.

10. Be careful as to who you let own a business in you community.

There are several ways that we can begin to discipline ourselves in such a way that will allow for government/medical professionals to understand that we mean business when it comes to the health, wellness, and happiness of our communities. Not much is being said to patients in the medical field about organic eating, simply because many medical professional know that the results would run the medical field dry in terms of financial stability. Also many government official don't speak up about organic eating because they don't know or understand the true realization of how it would benefit many communities educationally, and as well financially. With this being the cause, in order to help bridge the gap between selfish means, and mis-education is by way of teaching and electing the correct people in order that they may hire the correct people and put them in position within organization like the FDA/EPA/USDA/FSIS/AMS, etc. which all hold a great responsibility as it pertains to protecting the livelihood, health and wellness of the people. The only way that this is possible is if we the people do a thorough research on those who we would like to nominate and put into office, and understand the full process and jargon that is being used to represent the people.

A List to help you understand how your local government is connected to the farming and medical field and how you can help make a difference:

1. Understand your local government, who are in the positions, and what there mission is for your health, wellness, and community. Remember, government officials are elected by the people for the people. There decision making process should never ever be about their own selfish means, but for the health, and wellness of the people who elected them.

2. Get to know them personally before you elect them, do they care about the well being of your community. Are they an example of what they are suppose to be represening as a local official.

3. Know who is responsible for/invested in the local supermarkets and stores in your community. Are they there to help you or kill you.

4. Sign petitions, and make data request for every rule regulation and change that is being made to your local government based on your health and wellness. Example: When a new medications is introduced to the medical field and put on the market it should not have the side effects of death. If death is the result of taking a new medication recently introduced to the market, well indeed, it should not be put on the market, especially if it's being taken at a normal dosage.

5. Understand your chains of command for the FDA, USDA, AMS, FSIS, and EPA. They are normal people put in positions to help you, they are no better than you and you should be able to communicate with them professionally especial as it pertains to your health and wellness. Don't be afraid of them, stay connected to them in order to make sure they are doing the right thing.

6. Get to know your local farmers and if their food is being marketed in the local supermarkets, if not make a suggestion to your local market about the benefits of local farm products.

7. Get to know your local pharmacist, and what medications are truly good for your health, and the side effects.

8. Have health and wellness fairs and invite local doctors and other medical authorities and make suggestions about alternative medicines/healing.

Now let's go into the importance of healing from the sicknesses that are being caused by the additives that are being put in our foods and the negative reactions that the medications have on the body after being diagnosed with the diseases that are caused by the additives. As for healing any debilitated disease in your body, it is very easy, how every it is a very strenuous process simply because it takes a lot of discipline to master the craft. As well you would have to know exactly what to eat. It is most important to eat only raw organic fruits and vegetable, drink alkaline water, and organic coconut water. Meats, chicken, eggs or any other kind of poultry is not good for you when cleansing your body from these disease. Perhaps after a thorough cleansing of the disease you may want to begin to eat certain poultry, fish or meats again. It's totally up to you, but if this is your choice please make the wise decision of eating only organic meats and wild sea food. Farm raised sea food is only beneficial if the feed is all natural, without additives and preservatives. It is important not to eat meat while going through your cleansing simply because the disease eats at the protein from each meat source causing the disease to grow. See ( or Read (The China Study by author T. Collin Campbell) The way to begin this process is by weaning your self off of the prescribed medications that you are currently taking, as we already know that most medications have detrimental side effects that only lead to other diseases or sometimes even causing the victim to become addicted to the medication. To stop these addictions, begin to drink alkaline water, and organic coconut water, and start to shop only organic. Absolutely, positively no diary products or processed sugars, the natural sugars inside of fruits and vegetables are absolutely fine for the maintenance of well being. However processed sugars only cause the disease to spread. A great way to substitute sugar is by using agave, sugar cane, or organic raw honey this is another way to add nutritional wealth to your health and wellness. Please do the research that is needed to begin this process, and trust your instinct, I promise you it will be one of the greatest things that you have ever done for yourself.

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