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Don't let the holidays end, make every day a holy day

Rays of sunlight
Rays of sunlight

You know you love the feeling of Christmas and Yule. Hearts are full of hope, love, joy and bright expectations for good things. Each moment you are so aware, so awake to the wonders of life. It doesn't have to end after New Years Day. Keep that wonderful feeling alive in your heart, mind and actions. Each day is a Holy Day filled with joy and creative energy, full of possibility and adventure if you create it that way.

You are the power of creation through thought, feeling and inspired action. With this in mind you can enjoy each day as though it were Christmas Day. Realize that each moment brings with it gifts of deeper understanding, growth and opportunity to experience yourself in a new way. Don't wait for New Years to commit to a new way of living your life either. Each moment provides choices for changing the experiences you will have.

Hold onto the joy of the holidays by remembering the feel of it all, holding it in your mind and in your heart. As you move through each new moment allow the feeling of goodness, hope, joy and expectation of wonderful things to constantly filter through your being. The more connected to hope, the more aware of Source Energy you are the more you will have to be aware of. The potential for joy expands the more joyful or joy filled you are. The more hope filled, the more hope fills your life. Through awareness of your creative power you can have a steady increase and flow of goodness in your life each moment. Each day is Holy as you set it aside to experience GOD in and through you and each life experience.

If you don't already have an alter in your home take a few moments to create one. Simply placing a few candles, crystals or other items that remind you to Be Aware is all it takes. Make it a family exercise of spiritual action, allowing each person to add something that “feels” good to them. Even a picture over your desk can serve the purpose of an alter, as long as it reminds you to connect with Source.

Interconnect spiritual awareness throughout your day, taking moments to BE Aware of Who You Are. You are Holy, you are a Holy Creator.. so create each day to reflect your Divinity.

Don't let the holidays end.. let it all holy.

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