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Don't Let March Madness Drive You Mad!

Show your man you care about the things he's into.  Here are some quick tips to get you started.
Show your man you care about the things he's into. Here are some quick tips to get you started.

I'm truly a girls, girl... My weeknight TV line-up consists of America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, Desperate Housewives, Ultimate Cake Off, Say Yes to the Dress, and all other types of girlie stuff I force my boyfriend to watch.  Sports...well to me that means watching the Cavs play and that's pretty much where the buck stops. 

So, this month, I'm finding myself staring at the TV in a blank gaze watching college kids play basketball and having no interest what-so-ever in who the victor will be.  My boyfriend however, has watched just about every March Madness game so far and, while he's created no bracket, is very passionate about the outcome of each game, hypothesizing on who will take the Championship.  So, here's some advice for other gals like me that I will be practicing myself. 

1. Don't try to pretend like you care when you really don't.  The most annoying this (to me) is a girl who pretends to care about sports and has no clue what she is talking about.  You know the type, you see them at Easton wearing OSU jerseys while the game is on.  Be honest with him; let him know that while you don't know much about college basketball, you would like to watch a game with him and learn about it.  He will be flattered that you are doing something you may not love for him, and will be impressed with you thirst for knowledge. 

2. Make a "friendly" bet.  As you two sit down to watch the game, ask if he wants to make a little wager on the outcome.  Who ever loses gives the other person a foot rub or pays for the movie this weekend. 

3. Throw a private party.  The Sweet 16 games (look at me, dropping terms and all) start on the March 25.  Throw a private party for the two of you and maybe another couple, to watch the games together.  Order a Tailgate Dinner from Cane's and bake some cupcakes iced in the colors of the teams participating. Send out Evites to him and anyone else you want to invite.  Make it a big deal, this will show your commitment to taking an interest in something he enjoys. 

4. Get into the game.  It's one thing to sit there and watch, but once you learn the ropes, don't be afraid to speak up.  Although you may be getting off to a late start, pick a team and cheer for them.  Make a bracket.  Even if you have no clue how good or bad each team may play, having a bracket invests you in the game.  You will become more involved if you have something on the line, and winning, even if your not challenging anyone, is always important to us girls.

5. Throw a party for him and his friends.  If you manage to make it to April 5th without loosing interest, offer to throw him a party for the championship.  Book a private viewing room at Gameworks and invite some of his and your friends.  Or, have it at your house.  Get the other girlfriends involved and kick it 1963 style. Make chips and salsa, wings, and grab some beer.  If the Ohio weather permits, fire up the grill and throw on some brats and mix up some margaritas for the girls. Make it an event that you two could become known for.  He will appreciate your hard work and commitment and you will have fun in the process.


Rest assure, I ran my list past my boyfriend and he agrees that anyone of these kind gestures will make your man more then happy. And who knows, perhaps you'll get a Top Model Finale bash!


  • Carrie Norris 5 years ago

    Great way to share an interest with the one you love and have fun.

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