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Don't leave your Pug in a car

Be mindful of temperatures inside and outside.
Be mindful of temperatures inside and outside.
Taylor Family

Summer has arrived. Summer means sun, fun, and heat, especially for pugs left in cars. Many of us are ready to take our pugs to the beach or to the park but with that the responsibility of knowing that to even run into a convenient store could be detrimental or have deadly consequences. One cannot predict how long they will be in a store, what looks to be a place that you will be able to run in and out of to pick up a bottle of water for your pug, could actually develop issues such as problems with credit card machine, an angry customer, and so on. Those few moments could cost you and your pug. For instance, even if it is 75° outside your pug is sitting in a car, in the sun, with little to no breeze with a fur coat on making the car within 10 minutes to reach an average of 100°. We all know in Florida the temperatures rise and rise fast so the higher the temperature outside the higher the temperature it will be inside a vehicle. Many states or counties are combating this by breaking the window to get them out of the car. There are some states that it is legal for an individual and/or the police to break the window if they see a pug in a hot car. The bottom line is not to leave your pug in a car at all.
If you are planning to take your pug with you to the beach or park and have your preparations made, such as water, sunscreen, and their favorite toy, remember that pugs can accidently lock your car on you. In the excitement of know they are going on a car ride pugs could jump up and lock the doors accidently. It is best to keep your keys on you or have a backup set that you are able to obtain immediately.
Many of us, if not all of us, do not like the heat that is why we go to the beaches or parks during the summer times. Pugs love to be with you and love to be able to go to the beaches and parks with you but remember it is best to have plenty of water, monitor the amount of time and activity your pug is playing out in the heat, and NEVER leave your pug in a car for any amount of time without the proper supervision.