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Don't Judge Wine by the Pricetag

Do you ever crinkle your nose at a bottle of wine under $20? Do you think, "it is too cheap, it must not be very good." Well don't crinkle your nose so quickly. There are a large number of excellent wineries that are entering lower price points to go after the ever increasing, budget conscious consumer. While some inexpensive wines are bad (and I mean really bad) and are more after your dollar, others want to bring you a solid bottle of wine. A few things to remember as you venture out on your wine journey:

  • Not everyone has the same palate. Just because you love it and your friend doesn't, doesn't mean it is a bad bottle.
  • Try wines from different regions. Sometimes you are paying for where a wine is from. Remember though, some regions are better at producing particular wines than others.
  • Don't judge a wine by the label, you might miss something really good.
  • If you don’t know, ask. A lot of wine shops are filled with very knowledgeable people who would love to help you.
  • Finally, try as many different wines as you can (they are inexpensive, right?).

A wise man once told me, “the ultimate wine ‘find’ is finding a bottle you love for around $10.” Happy hunting!


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