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Don't Hook Up With an Ex

Sometimes after two people break up they still fool around with each other. Sometimes it is the chemistry and other times it is because they are lonely. Sometimes they even think that it will make them get back together.

Some people say sex is just sex and kissing is just kissing. Kissing and sex are a big deal. It is a sign or intimacy and how much one cares about the other person. Of course sometimes guys don't see to care. When you start fooling around with your ex things get confusing.

You may come across a point where you wonder "Where are we?" "We kissed and slept together. Does that mean that we are getting back together?

Say you are not sure about getting back together. You like him but don't know if you want to be in a relationship with the. You will have no idea what to say or do.

Another reason why it is not good to hook up with your ex is because you could get hurt. You could get your high hopes thinking that it means something when to him it may just be a booty call. You will wait on the sidelines when maybe his intentions would just be to hook up.

Say one of you starts dating someone else. That is when the hooking up with your ex comes to a pit stop. You can't make out with your ex and start a relationship with someone else. Well you could but that would be a cheating. Then you have to break the bombshell to him. If he sees you as more than a booty call he could get hurt. You could also get hurt seeing him with someone else.

There are many reasons why you shouldn't hook up with an ex. If you want to be more than a booty call don't do it. Find someone who will respect you and give you the love you want and deserve. If you and your ex are meant to be it will happen on it's own timing.

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